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AARP Rewards Credit Card is a credit card that offers you rewards at restaurants, gas stations and more. Issued by Chase, AARP Reward card benefits are summed up here.

AARP Rewards Credit Card Reviews

AARP Rewards Credit Card has been reviewed by most users and comes with great ratings by many.

AARP Rewards Credit Card is issued by Chase and offers a rewards for performing activities.

With the AARP Reward card, you earn points for performing tasks.

AARP is Headquartered in Washington DC – United States and has offices in all the 50 states across the United States.

AARP Rewards Credit Card Benefits

Here are the benefits of AARP Credit Card and why getting it won’t be a waste of effort nor an additional credit card.

  • You get benefits based on performed tasks.
  • There is no limitation to the rewards you stand to gain with this Reward card
  • You get to have fun while completing tasks and enjoying amazing rewards.

AARP Rewards Credit Card Requirements

  • All applicant applying for AARP Card must be a permanent resident of US.
  • Age Bracket – You have to be 18 years of age and above.
  • AARP must be able to verify your credit history.
  • Any National means of identification.

AARP Protection Guidelines

  • Your AARP Reward card comes with purchase and return protection
  • It has a Chip and Signature security feature.
  • Your ARP Card has Zero liability protection
  • Access to Fraud alerts

How to Apply for AARP Rewards Credit Card?

You can apply for your AARP card once you have fulfil all the requirements listed above.

  1. Visit the official AARP Card page at
  2. Fill in the information on the page. These includes Your Personal details like Names, Street Address, Phone Numbers, Zip Code, Email Address, Date of Birth, Spouse details, etc.
  3. Submit once you’ve filled in all required sections.

You can also apply for AARP card by visiting any of their location across the state or their Headquarters located in Washington D.C

How to Activate AARP Rewards Credit Card?

  • Visit the AARP portal at
  • Click on LOGIN
  • Enter your Card Details
  • Select “Continue” to activate

How to Login?

  • Visit the AARP Rewards Card site at and locate the login page.
  • Type in your User ID and Password
  • Click Login to manage your card online.

Need Assistance? Contact Customer service

For further inquiries and information regarding the AARP Rewards Credit Card, contact their customer Care service using the following means:

  • Within US: Call Support on 009 1 202-434-3525
  • Outside US: Contact Support on +1-202-434-3525

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