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Babies R Us credit card is a credible financing facility which when effectively managed will earn the card holder loads rebates.

An effective management technique by Synchrony Bank ensures that the card holder gets the best out of his credit card.Since the credit card is mainly used for kiddies stuff, interested individuals can get one of these cards at any designated Babies R Us Stores nationwide.

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Reports has it that the card is rated to be among the best as it serves for baby products.

Let me quickly add that Babies r us credit card is the same thing as Toy are with us credit card, so don’t make a mistake by thinking that both credit cards are different.

To make proper use of this credit facility, customers are to have their Babies r us credit card login details which will enable them to carryout there transactions with much hassle using the Babies r us credit card login web portal, a very secured webpage. Once you have your login details, all you need to do is to simply log into your accounts with your login ID.

Whenever, you are logged in, you access a simple Babies R Us stores Credit Card Login dashboard, where you will be able to access all the benefits this babies credit card comes with. This card bears almost the same similarity with others credit cacrd too.

One good thing about this credit card is that whenever you are logged in, you can take a closer look at your account statement, you can review you purchases as well as make your payments, another important aspect is a situation where a customer can actually check account balance.

One aspect that is important to credit card holders is the required rates calculated in annual percentage rates, and then the available rewards and rebates applicable.

With a compiled list of charges and cost of card use, these charges ranges from the reduced rates on interest charged, to discounts, for example the advance fee rate (APR) priced at 4% or the purchase rate of  29.99% charged on eligible purchase.

Simply check the terms and conditions applicable on babies r us card.

Application Requirement

Interested applicants are to do the following, meanwhile ensure you meet up with these criteria before going ahead with the application, this will increase your application approval odds;

  • Any applicant is expected to have an account that has not suffered any sort of bankruptcy in the past, at least six months.
  • Applicant should at least be 18 years of age and above.
  • Applicants are to provide personal details like there Government names, House address, Email, phone number etc and also applicants should willing to provide there financial record, like annual salaries, mortgage, provide social security number (SSN) etc.

Follow These Steps To Apply For Babies R Us Cards

Follow these steps to fully complee your registration For babies r us credit card login credentials

  • Visit the official homepage of Toy R Us credit card by typing
  • On the new page, answer the question of “A new Member” or An already existing member of Babies R Us
  • For members, simply click the ‘yes’ button or click the click ‘NO’ link if you are not. And then write down “Please Enrol Me in Rewards”.
  • On the new page that loads, fill some personal information as will be required.

Note – Social Security Number (SSN) and applicants address must be valid and accessible when needed.

Activating Your Babies R Us Credit Card

You now have your Babies r us credit card login details, you still need to activate your card to be able to make transactions.

  • While on the Babys R Us Homepage, scroll to the login page
  • You can then click on “activate my card”.
  • After loading, register the new card in order to successfully activate it.
  • Now click the “register and activate” link
  • For old users, you can just go ahead and login.