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Affinbank Touch ‘n’ Go MasterCard Classic is a two in one credit card that helps you skip long queues at any tool booths.

Affinbank Touch ‘n’ Go MasterCard Review

The Affinbank Touch ‘n’ Go MasterCard is issued by Affinbank and they offer lots of free gifts and grants their clients rewards for transactions made.

For you to get approved of the Affinbank Touch ‘n’ Go MasterCard you need to meet the following criteria

Requirements for Affinbank Touch ‘n’ Go MasterCard

  • Age Limit: Primary cardholder must be 21 years old to 60 years old and the 18 years old for the Supplementary cardholder
  • Minimum annual income: RM30000
  • Available to all

Benefits of Affinbank Touch ‘n’ Go MasterCard

Below are the benefits accrued to Affinbank Touch ‘n’ Go MasterCard

  • Earn 6 months to 36 months retail purchase payment option With Affinbank Easy Instalment Plan with a starting 2.00% Interest.
  • Cardholders can earn from the low finance charge which begins from 12% annually with its low-interest rate.
  • Enjoy a one – time charges from 2% and a 36 months payment option with Affinbank Balance Transfer Instalment
  • For every Ringgit purchase on retail transactions earns you 1x Affin Rewards Points
  • Earn an interest rate rebate of 5.5% when you make a minimum monthly payment on or before the credit card bill due date.
  • AFFIN Rewards Points earned expires after 3 years
  • Every RM1 purchase made on retail earns you 1 point
  • Your Affinbank Touch ‘n’ Go MasterCard can be swiped to claim your desired branded merchandises, gadgets, dining or shopping vouchers

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Affinbank Touch ‘n’ Go MasterCard Application

Below are steps to take in applying for the Affinbank Touch ‘n’ Go MasterCard

  • Visit the application homepage of Affinbank here
  • Enter your personal details like; your Full name,  Email,  Country code, Phone number, IC / Passport Number etc.
  • Tap on the “Submit” button to continue

Before you can maximize your Affinbank Touch n Go MasterCard potentials, you must get it activated

How to Activate?

Call at: 03-8230 2222 to get your MasterCard activated

Before you can make purchase with your Affinbank Touch ‘n Go MasterCard you need to log in to your account

Below are steps to take to recover your lost or stolen Affinbank Touch ‘n’ Go MasterCard Username and Password

How to Reset Username and Password?

  • Visit the Login page
  • Tap on the “Forgot Password” button
  • Select the “Access Card No With Pin” OR “Challenge Questions with TAC to continue

Need Assistance? Contact Support

Want to speak with the Affinbank Touch ‘n’ Go MasterCard Customer Service agent? Call the dedicated support lines at 03-8230 2222.

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