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Alliant Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative, established in 1935 with the headquarter situated in Chicago.

Alliant Credit Union History

The Alliant credit union is the largest credit union in the United State with its core mission to foster its members financial well-being and serve their best interest.

Alliant Credit Union has a workforce of over 500 and a massive asset base of over 9 Billion USD.

Founded: 1935

Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois

Credit cards offered by Alliant Credit Union

  1. Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card
  2. Visa Signature Credit Card
  3. Cash back Visa Signature Credit Card

Alliant Credit Union Requirement

  • Must be Employees & Retirees of select organizations
  • Relatives of existing Alliant members
  • Members of select organizations
  • Must Live or work in a Qualifying Community

Alliant Credit Union Benefits

  • 24/7 customer service
  • Enjoy Roadside Assistance
  • Enjoy 0% introductory rates for 12 months on purchases and balance transfers
  • Great for balance transfers to consolidate your debts from high-interest cards into one payment
  • $0 fraud liability guaranteed
  • No annual fee
  • Generous credit lines
  • Low standard APRs
  • EMV chip for enhanced security

How to become a member of Alliant Credit Union?

  • Tap on “Become a Member” button located at the Alliant homepage.
  • Tap on “Another way to qualify” button twice until the Find Out If You Are Eligible header shows up.
  • Click on “Freelancers Union” radio button to go through the list of qualified organizations
  • Tap on “Continue” button

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How to Apply for the Alliant Credit Union

STEP 1: Visit the Alliant Credit Union web on

STEP 2: Tap the “Apply Online” button and also click on the “Apply as a new member” button in the next page

STEP 3: Ensure you Read and Accept the terms and conditions of the card by clicking the “I agree” button

STEP 4: Provide answers regarding the card and tap the “Continue” button

STEP 5: Enter your personal details, income details, and submit the application.

  • Visit the Alliant Credit Union homepage and click on the “Login” button at the right hand side
  • Enter your Username and password
  • Click on the “Secure Login” button to continue

How to Reset Alliant Credit Union Username and Password

In case you lost your card or it’s stolen, call at: 866-444-8529 OR 800-328-1935 24/7

For international calls, call at: 7734622000.

Need help? Contact customer service

For further inquiries and info about Alliant Credit Union Card. Contact their customer agent using the following

Within USA: Phone: (800) 328-1935 (24/7) OR 866-444-8529

Outside USA: For international callers (773) 462-2000 (24/7).

P.O. Box for Credit Card Payments: Alliant Credit Union P.O. Box 1666 Des Plaines, IL, 60017-1666