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Alon Credit Card is issued by Comenity Bank for gas buyers and in-store purchases of items with great rewards, discounts and payments.

The Alon credit card offers great benefits for all cardholders. These includes rewards for gasoline purchases and in-store purchases by cardholders.

Alon Credit Card Benefits

Below, we have listed some of the great benefits that the Alon Card comes with.

  • You also get to earn great rewards upon daily purchases that you make at the pumps and in-store.
  • You can also signup for online billings and payments.
  • You earn as much as 5 gallon gas rewards after 3Months of account opening.
  • You get access to 24/7 customer care service and account tracking
  • You get access to online account management
  • You get an Alon YouCash coupon certificates of $5, $10, or $15 which is redeemable at other participating locations 
  • You get event notifications which come with great offers.

Take a look at the Alon CC Fees and Rates.

  • Annual Fee – There is no annual fees charged
  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Purchases is 24.99%
  • Foreign Transaction fees – Not applicable 
  • Grace period – There is a 25 days  grace period with the Alon card
  • Late Payment –  up to $38.00
  • Minimum Interest Charge – Your card attracts a Minimum Interest charge of $1.00
  • Returned Payment – up to $25.00

How To Apply For Alon Credit Card?

Before you apply for this card, take a look at some of the criteria:

  • A Valid mailing address (P. O. Box not accepted)
  • You must have a valid government issued ID Card
  • You must be above the minimum age stipulated by the Bank.

How to Apply?

  • Visit the official Alon Credit Card page here 
  • Scroll through and select your preferred Card (ALON)
  • Click on register for online access 
  • Type in your Personal details, Contacts, Address, etc.
  • Click on the “Continue” button to REGISTER

NB: ALON Card program according to the official portal reported the initiative to have ended on 03/31/2019 which means no application is been accepted currently. However, this does not totally affect existing cardholders. 

How To Activate Alon Credit Card?

  • On the Registering page indicated above, Type in your details (Card Account number, ID type, SSN and Zip Code) 
  • Click on “Find my Account” button. 
  • Set Username and Password 
  • Create Account and gain access

How To Login To Alon Credit Card?

  • Visit the Login Page and locate the sign in page by the LEFT SECTION. 
  • Enter your User Name and Password 
  • Click on ‘Sign In’ button

How To Recover Your Username And Password?

  • Visit the Login Page displayed above
  • Under the sign in page, click Forgot username or password
  • Type in your Account number and other details as requested.
  • Click Find Account 

How To Make Bill Payment?

  • After selecting a means of payment, call support on phone on 866-220-2541.
  • You can also pay by mailing your payment to the address below: 

Comenity Bank 

P. O. Box 182273 

Columbus , OH, 43218-2273

Need Assistance? Contact Alon Customer Service

In the event that you need further support or want to speak with a customer care agent, you can call 1-866-220-2541