AMEX Credit Cards 2020 (October 2020 Card List)

AMEX Credit Cards 2020 – Here is a guide to all American Express cards for October 2020 and how to signup for these benefits.

This is not a Sponsored Post: This is a detailed review of AMEX cards based on our users demand.

AMEX Credit Cards 2020

American Express over the years has cemented itself as one of the largest financial institutions in the United States and abroad.

The name alone American Express is majestic. When it comes to selecting a credit card issuer to work with, AMEX cards could actually get you started.

American Express was founded in 1850 and has witnessed different centuries of financial change.

According to Wikipedia, American Express cards accounted for over 22% of the total United States USD transaction in 2019 alone.

As a long time player in the finance sector, AMEX could be said to be on of the most used card by Americans (unverified source)

Trending AMEX Cards October 2020

Below, we have highlighted some trending AMEX cards, especially the ones we have reviewed and rated.

Please note that, this is not an endorsement. As much as we would love to display, we have selected the ones that we believe would be of interest to you.

Benefits of using AMEX Credit Cards

There are some benefits we have seen and been notified of as pertain AMEX cards.

Yes, every financial institution pays millions of dollars to advertise and get customers – even as most claim to be the best of the best.

However, our little research has put AMEX at above average for card users.

  • Cash Backs – As compared to other card issuers, American Express cash backs speaks for itself. Before selecting a card, we believe this could be a driving force, and AMEX is not lagging behind when it comes to cash backs.
  • Cash Usage costs and fees – When you consider American Express APR and other card costs against their competitors, you get to understand their benefit as per this regard.
  • Protections – Your use of AMEX cards are protected and you are guaranteed of high-level protection when using your cards.
  • Customer Care – American Express boasts of high-rated customer service amongst its users. We have received reports of swift responses when called upon.
  • Global Acceptance – All (almost) AMEX cards are globally accepted except otherwise stated. AMEX global network makes it a go-to card for many.
  • Brand – Finally, the brand itself is an added advantage in your wallet.

Is AMEX Cards good for me?

There is no card that is best. In as much as saying which debt is the best. In as much as you’ll still have to payback your credit (either now or later), no loan is the best.

However, we find ourselves in some situations and some circumstances are inevitable. This will always warrant us to get a loan or fall back to our credit cards.

What makes a credit card good (per say) are the benefits it has over other cards. That is, you will need to be aware of the totality of the card before knowing which is best for you.

Speaking from a financial counselor point of view, when weight up against other cards; some AMEX cards might actually offer more benefits than others both financially and to your credit score