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Amex EveryDay Credit Card review with a credit score of 670 and above. Here are Everyday Card Limits and Rewards including Benefits attached.

Amex EveryDay Credit Card Review

The Amex Everyday Credit Card is currently been issued by American Express and Rewards you daily (Based on your purchases)

This card boosts great rewards and some juicy cash backs for newly registered users.

One of its numerous features includes access to $0 balance transfer fee which you can easily request with a prior notice of 60days.

Just like the American Express Gold card, this card accrues no foreign transactions fee and its accepted in over a million location worldwide.

EveryDay Rewards

Don’t leave the Rewards webpage once there! Immediately you leave before application, you might lose access to some major rewards as the reward page won’t load again!

The AMEX Everyday credit card didn’t just gets its name based on generic name conjugation.

It is actually a credit card that rewards you daily for purchases and spendings.

Below are some of the benefits of the AMEX Everyday card for all interested Cardholders.


  • You get to earn a staggering 15,000 rewards point as a new member after a $1000 purchase within 90 days (3 months)
  • $0 balance transfer which is also a great deal with new generation cards.
  • You can make payments in full or in parts based on your needs. The AMEX Everyday card offers flexibility as relates to bill payment.
  • Earn 20 extra points when you use your card 20 times within a billing period. This gives you extra points.
  • Aside these, you also stand to enjoy a point for every other purchases made with your card.
  • You are eligible for AMEX Everyday credit card limit after 60 days of usage (2 months)

Extra Points

Some extra points also gets accrued to your Everyday card from American Express.

  • When you make purchases of over $6,000 annually, you get an extra 1x points.
  • Your points can be used for your dinner charges, retails, etc
  • You get a point for every eligible dollar spent using your card.

You will need to check with the designated support to know your credit score and if you qualify for these Benefits and Rewards.

Travel Rewards

Below are some traveling points that comes with the AMEX Everyday Credit card that will be beneficial to all cardholders.

  • You get points for every booking made on
  • You stand to get instant roadside assistance in the event of a car breakdown.
  • Your rentals is protected by an insurance as an Amex everyday card holder.
  • Access to 24/7 hotline when needed at your disposal.

AMEX EveryDay Fees & Rates

Now that we are familiar with the benefits and promotions associated with this card, herewith are the fees and rates to get familiar with likewise.

  • Annual APR for Purchases – 0% for 1st 15 months. After which, 15.24% to 26.24%
  • APR Cash Advances – 27.49 (Variable)
  • APR Penalties – 29.99% (Where Applicable)
  • Cash Advance – $10 or 5% (whichever is greater)
  • Foreign Transaction fee – 2.7% in USD
  • Late / Returned Payments – $39
  • Membership Fees – $0 Annually
  • Paying Interest – 25 days after each billing cycle.

You are to get familiar with these rates and fees and know if you are comfortable having an American Express Everyday Credit Card.

Please take into consideration the Annual membership fee of $0. This is a win win for cardholders.

However, you need to consider some other charges that you stand to incur like the foreign transaction fee, interest amongst others.

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AMEX EveryDay Card Requirements

We take a look at some of the most visible requirements for the AmeX Everyday card and to know if you are eligible for this credit card.

  • Age Requirements – The minimum age required to apply for this card is 18+ as at the time of application.
  • Membership Fee – $0 is your yearly membership fee
  • Residency – You must be a full resident of the United States to apply for this card.
  • Accept Terms – You are to read the terms and conditions of this card before applying on the Application page to gain better insight.
  • Identification – You must have a nationally issued identity card as stipulated by American Express.

For Special Requirements or requests, you can contact the American Express support.

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How to Sign up for Amex Everyday Card?

Here are the steps required to sign up for an Amex credit Card and enjoy the above listed benefits.

  • Visit the official Amex Gold card page on Amex Everyday here. (Opens in new tab)
  • Once on the page, fill in your details and information
  • Make sure to Read through the AmeX Everyday terms and conditions.
  • Submit your Application and await your Approval.

The offer for this Card might have changed. Please contact support on the designated phone numbers listed below for current offers.

Trending Questions onAMEX Everyday Card

Lets take some look at popular frequently asked questions making the rounds about this card on our platforms.

What Credit Score is Required for Amex Everyday Card?

You need a good credit score of 700 and above to qualify for this card.

Who is this card for?

This card is not for everyone when you consider the chargebacks, fees and acceptability outside the United States.

Can i increase my credit limits?

Yes you can increase Amex Everyday Credit Card limits after 2 months of enrollment and usage.

Need Help? Contact Customer Service

In the event you need help or further assistance, you can contact Amex Everyday Card customer service on 1-800-528-4800.