Apple Credit Card 2022 | Meet Apple Titanium Card

Apple Credit Card has been launched by the iPhone Giant. Here is all you need about Apple Card Price, Bonus and Signup Tips.

Apple Credit Card Reviews

Apple Credit Card has been unveiled by Apple Inc. as a Virtual card that can later be converted to a physical credit card with great benefits.

iPhone woke up to a whole new world of possibility with great rewards when they use their Apple Credit Card for purchase and online transactions.

Apple has partnered with Goldman Sachs and Master Card to build one of the most secured Titanium credit cards in the world based on simplicity and power.

With the Apple Titanium Credit Card, you get instant notification of spendings with locations, approve every transaction with your Face ID or Fingerprints, rewards for spending using the said card and not limited to any location.

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Meet the Apple Titanium Credit Card

Apple Inc. went a step further to create a titanium Apple Card for purchases in the absent of Apple Pay.

The Apple Titanium card is heavily protected and does not have a visible CVV code, visible card number, signature or an expiration date!

When you make purchases with the Apple Titanium Card, you get a daily cash back reward of 1 percent.

Apple Titanium Card Benefits

Below, we will be listing some of the benefits attached of Titanium Apple Virtual Card so you can get familiar with the great benefits Card has to round.

  • No Location Barrier – You get to use your Apple Titanium card worldwide without any location limitation.
  • Security – The Apple Card Partnering with Goldman Sachs and Master Card plans to be the most secured Card on the planet!
  • 24/7 Support: With the Apple card, you get unlimited access to 24/7 support and customer care.
  • Instant Usage: With the Apple Credit Card, you get to use the card from your Apple Wallet app immediate after sign up.
  • Real-time Transaction history: With the Titanium Card, you enjoy instant transaction notification and history right in your palm.
  • Daily Cash: This is Apple’s version of money back! You get to receive credit back on your daily spending.
  • No Annual Payments/Penalty: This card does not attract any yearly renewal fee, no late payments or unnecessary annual/monthly charges!
  • No International Charges: You can use your Card without international charges.
  • Real Time: Everything you do is done in real time.
  • Weekly Summary: You get to see your spending weekly at a glance!
  • Maps: Your spending location gets displayed using the Map features on your iPhone! This is not just a Credit Card, its a Smart Card!
  • 3% cash back – You get 3% cash back on all purchases from Apple!
  • 2% cash back – You get a 2% cash back on all purchases using Apple Pay!.
  • 1% cash back – 1% on other platforms even if they don’t accept Apple Pay.
  • APR – 13.24% to 24.24% (variable)

Apple Card Requirements

  • Own an iPhone: One of the first requirement to applying for your apple titanium card is that, you must own an iPhone! Sorry android users.
  • Apple Pay: You must have an Apple Pay Wallet installed.

How to Apply?

You can apply for your Apple Credit Card once you have fulfil all the requirements above.

NB: The Apple Titanium Card is scheduled to be launch this summer!

Need Assistance? Contact Customer service

For further inquiries and information regarding the Apple Titanium Credit Card, contact their customer Care service using the following means:

  • Within US / Canada: Call Support on 800–692–7753
  • Within Mexico: Call Support on 001–800–692–7753