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Aqua Advance Credit Card has almost the same features as other credit cards on aqua card program. Here are the distinctive differences and review.

The most significant feature being the possibility of building up a fresh credit history and the quick responses from the customer services.

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Building credit history or improving credit rating is a feature mainly gotten from student credit cards.

This credit card uses the same rating system as well as rewards options.

The most important factor while building credit history is the factor of responsible spending.

With responsible spending, the card holders may become eligible for an increased credit limit, access a better loan option, mortgage options as well as rebate options.

The Aqua Advance card has great incentives for its holders, also the card comes with an annual percentage rate reduction of 19.9% which accumulates from 5% within the space of three years.

The credit limit on offer for this credit card is pegged between £250 and £1,200, any one that works for the card holder,being responsible to the credit limit can earn the card holder an increase.

An estimate of £500 credit limit attracts anannual percentage rate of 34.9%.

Consistency in always paying up credit statement can earn the card holder a rise in credit limit to an estimated £6000including the 19.9% discount for the period of three years.

Aqua Advance Credit Card Details

  • Credit limit for this credit card is pegged at £250 and £1,200, could only be increased ifthe card holder uses the card reasonably or responsibly.
  • The text reminder feature is to enable the card holder not to miss their payment date or due date.
  • There is an avenue to reduce your interest rate from the fixed annual percentage rate of 34.9%to 19.9% with the annual reduction of 5% for three years.
  • With an annual fee of £0, charges for cash withdrawal is pegged at the rate of 3% and an equivalent of £3  

Aqua Classic Advance Rates (APRs)

  • Card annual fee = £0
  • Cash withdrawal rate/fee = 3% or £3
  • Purchases andcash withdrawals = 34.9% and 44.9% respectively
  • There is a  systematic annual reduction of annual percentage rate, from 34.9% to 19.9%,with an annual reduction in percentage = 5%
  • Ordinary transaction= £0
  • Foreign transaction (ATM withdrawals attract charges for withdrawal fees)

How To Login Into Your Account

To manage your Aqua advance credit card account using the online platform, you will need to login, follow the steps below;

  • Go to the Aqua Start Card Login page
  • Enter your username
  • Enter your password
  • Click on Login
  • You can now manage your account

How To Review Quote Application

  • Visit the quote application page of Aqua Advance Credit Card
  • Scroll to the online form
  • Enter your correct application number
  • Enter your date of birth (must match the one in your application form)
  • Enter your email address
  • Now click on Review My Quote  

Technical Support Number

Call technical support team on 0333 414 1050, you can request on how to register your aqua advance credit card account or apply for a credit card.