Aqua Classic Credit Card Review 2020, Application | Credit Card Villa

Aqua Classic Credit Card is one of the many credit cards on aqua, this credit card helps the holder to build repair as well as improve on their bad credit ratings.

Maintaining a great credit history on this credit card entails that the card holder will consistently maintain their credit limit.

Apart from maintaining of credit limit, the card holder must also pay up their statement as at when due, this is considered as responsible card usage which can influence the card holders credit rating to get better.

When the card holder is able to consistently meeting up with their statement payments, there are chances that after a period of four month, the card holder can request an upward review of their credit limit.

The only down turn with the credit card is the high charge in annual percentage rate, and also every transaction attracts it own charges.

More so, a whole lot of people gave the credit card a high rating.

Aqua Classic Credit Card Details

  • Both old and new card holders are exempted from paying annual fees
  • Card holders can subscribe to text reminder, the essence for this is to have an up to date payment due dates
  • Card holders can create a credit card account, there by managing their card activities online without hassle
  • Card holder who make full payments on purchases made monthly are excluded from interest charges
  • Card holder can use their Aqua Classic MasterCard in every Mastercard enabled outlet across the globe
  • Card holders are qualified to get a credit limit of £250-£1,200 subject to change if card holder uses the card responsibly

Aqua Classic Credit Card Rates

  • Aqua Classic Card has no annual fee payments
  • Acceptable interest rate for purchases is = 35.95%
  • While annual percentage rate on Rep is = 35.9%
  • Repayment period of 1 year if amount borrowed is £1,200

Application Requirement For Aqua Classic Credit Card

  • Must have aclean record of no bankruptcy 18 months from the time of application
  • Should be above 18 years at the time of application
  • Must be alegal and permanent resident of United Kingdom (Show proof of address)
  • Should have an active current account with a United Kingdom bank or a Society Account

How To Apply

  • Go to the Aqua Classic Credit Card online application page
  • Ensure you provide all the required information for application processing
  • Information on your financial record must be accurate
  • Select the correct options where required
  • Go through the terms and conditions
  • Scroll down and click apply now    

Technical Support Number

Call; 0333 220 2691 for UK residents.