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Aqua Reward Cashback Credit Card is predominately a credit card used in the United Kingdom, the credit facility is arguably one of the best in the UK in terms of building a credit history.

United Kingdom has a whole lot of credit card facilities, with different offers ranging from rewards, rebates, card points, bonus on purchase etc.

Little emphasis has been placed on credit card that helps individuals build their ratings.

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Having an amazing banking and credit history or credit rating opens up opportunities for accessing car loans, mortgages, advances, increase in credit limit and etc. the point is this, with a credit card like Aqua Reward Cashback Credit Card.

Visitors as well as those who are new in the United Kingdom and are new to credit card have the chance of getting credit card and then building up a history.

Acceptance into the program is not as difficult as it is in most credit card, where a lot of companies rejects applicants, Aqua Reward Card accepts.

After acceptance, what is required from the card holder is responsible card use as well as paying up  your statements as at when due. This will place you in good terms with the financial institution.

More Details On Aqua Reward Cashback Credit Card

  • This credit card was designed with a reward system that encourages the card holder to usethe card in making purchases while they earn rewards.
  • This credit card is regarded as one of the best in building banking and credit history, especially for those  new to the United Kingdom or those without credit history
  • Good and great credit history is built upon responsible usage of the credit card, aswell as paying up card statements as at when due
  • Card holders are eligible to receive 0.5% as cash back which could accumulate to £100 annual on all the purchases made, this is achievable when the card holder does not exceed their credit limit
  • As a card that works on the Mastercard platform, this credit card is accepted in every location where Mastercard is accepted (approximately Over 30 million location worldwide).
  • The official credit limit for this credit card between £250 and £1,200, with responsible card use, it can be increased through a request by the card holder
  • Unlimited online access to credit card account, here card holders can configure their account settings to their most preferred, for example adjusting the due date for payments.   

Rates (APRs) On Aqua Reward Cashback Credit Card

  • Credit limit for this credit card has been fixed at = £1,200
  • The variable interest rate charged on purchases made is = 34.95%
  • Rep Annual percentage rate for Aqua card is = 34.9%
  • Yearly cash back in percentage is = 0.5%  


  • The credit card is good in building credit history to people new to credit card
  • Enjoy 0.5% cash back from purchase made within a year
  • Earn rewards while using the credit card in making your purchases


The information you need while applying for this credit card. First visit the Aqua Reward Cashback Credit Card application page online, then provide the following;

  • About You – Names, your marital status (select from the options), your date of birth and a security word.
  • Your Contact – An email address, a Phone Number (Business, home and alternative)
  • Residential address – Residential status (chose from the option), your postal code (find your address if you don’t know), Number of years you have lived in the address stated
  • Employment & Financial Status – Employment information (Select from the option), annual income (in British Pounds sterling), select a projection ofyour future earnings
  • Bank details – Account Number
  • Scroll down and click the needed boxes, go through the terms and condition and submit your application.

Aqua Technical Support Unit

Call; 0333 220 2691