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Aqua Start Credit Card accepts applicants with little or no credit card history, rating, banking history, or those who never owned a credit card before.

The essence to help those new to credit card to have a chance to at least build a credit history for themselves.

Although, with a high annual percentage rate, this credit card can be the best option for new credit card holders.

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One of the reasons why Aqua Start Credit Card doesn’t have an alternative is because ofthe distinct features on this credit card.

Features such as the zero charge in  annual payments which is for new and old customers.

Other feature includes an initial credit limit that ranges between £100 and £300, also charges such as late payments fees or spending over your credit limit attracts charges of £12.

Application acceptance is one of the easiest, since all you need is your interest and your credit history is not considered.

Have the optionof getting to manage your finances, credit balances, setting your daily spending as well as scheduling your statements payments.  

Aqua Start Credit Card Details

  • This credit card is Powered by Master card and it is accepted in all the designated locations where there is MasterCard Logo.
  • Every card holders has the option of managing the credit card account themselves
  • Aqua Start Card credit limit is pegged between £100 and £300, card holder are expected not exceed their credit limit or pay a fine of £12
  • Application is easy and hassle free
  • Acceptance into the program does not require the card holder to have a credit history
  • Enjoy maximum rewards from purchases made using the credit card
  • Monitor your payment and get text notification

Aqua Start Credit Card Rates (APRs)

  • Interest rate on purchases is = 49.94%
  • Representative annual percentage rate is = 49.9%
  • Credit limitis = between £100 to £300
  • Annual fee for Aqua Start Card is = £0
  • Aqua Start Card transaction rate is = 2.95%
  • Cash withdrawals attracts a fee of = £3 or an equivalent of 3%
  • Check credi tcard terms and condition to access other card charges and fees


  • Card holders can request for an increase in credit limit if they pay their statements as at when due
  • Responsible card usage guarantees access to mortgage and loans

Aqua Start Credit Card Registration

Follow these steps to have your Aqua card registered  

  • Go to the online registration portal
  • Enter your last name
  • The date of birth (should correspond with other documents)
  • Fill in the your postal code in the required box
  • Enter you card details such as (i) Credit card number (ii) Expiry date of the credit
  • Go through the terms and condition and click on NEXT

Aqua Customer Support

Call the Aqua customer service on 0333 220 2691, you can get information on how to login into your credit card account as well as how to request for quote.