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BB&T Bright Credit Card is issued by Branch Banking and Trust Company based in the US. Here is all you need to know about BB&T Bright Cards.

BB&T Bright Credit Card Review

The BB&T Bright Bank have a wide arrange of credit cards for business, Travel and Rewards.

The BB&T Bright Card is a low APR card, that gives you excellent credit balance from month to month.

Below, we will be listing some of the benefits of BB&T Bright Credit Card and the different incentives customers will enjoy for subscribing for the BB&T Bright Card.

  • Balance Transfer – With the BB&T Bright Credit card, you can transfer a balance from a high-interest card or purchase an expensive item with the ability to pay over time.
  • Cash Backs – With the Spectrum Cash Rewards for Business, you earn up to 39% cash back on their business purchases.
  • Low Annual Percentage – The BB&T Card offers low annual percentage rate.
  • No Additional Cost – This applies to employees.
  • No annual fee – As of the time of writing, there is no annual fee that the BB&T Credit Card accrues to individual owners.
  • Overdraft protection – You are guaranteed up to two business deposit accounts.
  • Travel accident insurance – You are offered accident insurances that occurs during travels.
  • Travel and emergency assistance services – This card offers travel and emergencies assistance to owners and customers.

BB&T Bright Credit Card Fees and Rates

The BB&T Bright Card comes with the below listed fees and rates. Do go through these well and you can contact BBT Customer care for trending rates.

  • Annual Fee – 0%
  • APR – 12.99% and 21.99%
  • Balance Transfer Fee – 3% of each advance ($10 minimum)
  • Cash Advance Fee 3% or $10 minimum transaction greater than $10
  • Foreign transaction fee – 3% of the U.S. dollar amount of each transaction made in a foreign currency and any transaction made in U.S.
  • Introductory APR for fifteen months – 0%
  • Penalty APR – None
  • The BB&T Bright Card comes with a Purchase into APR – 0%

BB&T Bright Card Requirements

Below are some of the requirements that must be met by anyone wanting to apply for the BB&T Bright Credit Card.

  • You will need a valid driver’s license or other means of ID
  • Date of birth and address must be provided
  • Social Security number is a necessity to apply for the BB&T Credit Card
  • Employment details must be provided during application.
  • Income information has to be disclosed by the applicants.
  • A Valid email address must be provided. Make sure you have access to this email address.

How To Apply for BB&T Credit card

Below, we have listed ways by which you can apply for the BB&T Bright Credit Card and the basic steps required.

  1. Visit the official BB&T Credit Card website by clicking here.
  2. Scroll down to select your card choice and click on Apply Now
  3. You will be redirected to the Application Page
  4. Once on the application page, you will be required to fill in the desired information which includes first name, middle name, last name, Address, Your city, state, zip, etc

How To Activate and Check BB&T Bright Credit Card Status

You can activate the BB&T Credit Card or check your application status by calling the customer care service on 800-476-4228.

All contact have to be channeled through the official channels.

Need Assistance? Contact BB&T Bright Card Customer Care

Below are the different means at which you can contact the BB&T Customer care services for all information and first hand informations.

Phone: 800-476-4228


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