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Becu Credit Card Rewards is issued by BECU. This card lowers your rate and improve credit scores. This card has no annual fee and balance-transfer fee.

BECU Card Benefits

Becu credit card comes in different types and before we discuss the benefits and promotions, we need to take a closer look at the various cards offered by Becu.

These includes:

  1. Becu Visa Card
  2. Becu Cash Back Visa
  3. Becu Affinity Partner Visa Cards

All the above cards will be deliberated below in details.

Meet Becu Visa Card Rates/Fees

Below are all you need to know about the Becu Visa Credit Card for all intending cardholders.

  • This visa card claims the lowest daily interest rates
  • This card also comes with 0% intro APR on various purchases
  • You have access to a balance transfers for the first 12 months with no transfer fees attached.
  • There is no annual fee attached to this card.
  • It attracts no cash advance fees
  • It attracts no foreign transaction / travel fees 

Meet Becu Cash Back Visa Card Rates/Fees

Below are all you need to know about the Becu Cash Back Visa Credit Card for all intending cardholders.

  • Just like the Visa Card, this Cash Back card comes with an unlimited 1.5% cash back interest
  • This card comes with no annual fee and attracts no foreign transaction fees as well.
  • It comes with no cash advance fees; likewise, no balance transfer fees attached.
  • The Intro APR gets as low as $0% for the first 12 months (purchases and balance transfers)

Meet BECU Affinity Partner Visa Cards Rates/Fees

Below are all you need to know about the Becu Affinity Partner Visa Credit Card for all intending cardholders.

  • 📌 This card comes with no annual fee
  • 📌 You get to enjoy unlimited cash back of 1.5%.
  • 📌 It attracts no balance transfer or cash advance fees.
  • 📌 No Travel or foreign transaction fees is accrued to this card.
  • 📌 You get a Variable rates which comes as low as 12.15%.
  • 📌 You are entitled to an intro APR of 12 months of $0% (Purchases and Balance Transfer)

Becu Credit Card Promotion Code

We were able to research the Becu credit card promotion code which we shall be disclosing below.

The Becu promo code is RAFQ219

The above promo code can be redeemed at any of the Becu locations across the state and even online.

This code and your referal code must be entered during application to get the most of the code. This is only when the above listed can be valid.

How the Promo Code and referal System works? 

  1. You make a referral to Becu (Family of Friends  or Colleagues)
  2. They join an open an account 
  3. Once they join, they start using the checking amount 
  4. Yiu receive funds deposited into your accounts ($100 each)
  5. Start the process again.

NB: You must be 18 years and over to refer 

Becu Credit Card Application (How to Apply)

For Becu Credit Card applications, you must be a member of Becu Community first.

Below are details on how to pay for Becu Cards.

  1. Visit the application page here
  2. Once on the page, selw t your preferred card and click apply
  3. On the application page, fill in your details as on your Becu Membership form.
  4. Complete your personal details, contact details and financial details.
  5. Click Apply Now to process your Card Application.

How to Activate your Card?

To activate your card, you can call the dedicated support lines on 800-233-2328

How to Login to Becu Dashboard?

You can manage your account online using the below steps:

  • Visit the Signing page indicated above
  • Key in your Username and Password 
  • Answer the security question where applicable.
  • Select the “Login link” and access your online accounts on the go!

Need Help? Contact Becu Credit Card Customer Service 

In case you need further instruction and help, you can contact the Becu ever ready support on 800-233-2328.