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Blue Cash Preferred Card Review from American Express gives you details and points on Blue Cash Preferred with a credit score approval of 670 – 850.

Blue Cash Preferred Card Review

Blue Cash Preferred Card Review from American Express offers a great Cash Back with 0% intro APR on purchases with an annual fee of $95.

You stand to earn some great points and rewards back with every purchase and some jaw dropping statement credit.

Features of the Blue Cash Preferred Card Review from American Express includes unlimited cashbacks without paying any annual fee as seen on the Everyday Card from American Express!

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The Blue Cash Preferred Card Benefits and Bonus includes and not limited to the following:

Blue Cash Preferred Card Bonus

The first bonus you earn after you make a $1,000 purchase within the first 90 days of card opening is a $300 Membership Cash Back!

  • Cash Backs– Comes with a 6% Cash back at US Supermarkets and Shopping Centers when you spend $6000 in purchases, 6% Cash backs on streaming subscriptions and a 3% cash back on transit payments.
  • Purchases – You get to enjoy some 1% cashback on every other purchases, add an extra individual to your card to enjoy great benefits and rewards also.

More Bonus for Everyday Preferred Card Holders

Some services and Bonuses like the below are also what you get to enjoy from the Blue Cash Preferred Card.

  • Global Support – You get direct global access to 24/7 support and customer care services even when you are not in the country.
  • Insurance – Just like the Sierra Club Card, you enjoy prompt roadside assistance when you experience car breakdown, insurance for your ride, insurance for luggages, etc.
  • Online Shopping– Your Blue Everyday credit card is accepted in over a hundred online stores worldwide both across the United States and beyond.

You will need to check with the Blue Cash Preferred Everyday Card Review from American Express support to know your credit score and if you qualify for the Benefits and Rewards we have listed.

Blue Cash Preferred Credit Card Fees & Rates

Now we know the benefits that comes with your Everyday Preferred Card, Here are some Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express Credit requirements, fees and rates that you need to get familiar with.

  • Annual APR – $0 for 12 months then 14.99% to 25.99% (Variable)
  • APR Cash Advances – 27.24%
  • Cash Advance – $10 or 5% (whichever is greater)
  • Foreign Transaction fee – 2.7% (each transaction)
  • Late / Returned Payments – $39
  • Membership Fees – $95
  • Balance Transfer – $5 or 3% (whichever is greater)

*** You are to get familiar with these rates and fees and know if you are comfortable having the EveryDay Preferred Card from American Express ***

Please take into consideration the Annual membership fee of $95. This makes it a card to consider above some other AMEX Cards.

You will enjoy great Cashbacks 6%, 3% and 1% on Restaurants, Pumps and everyday purchases. Credit Card Villa Twitter

Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express Credit Requirements

Here are some likeable requirements for this card and to ascertain your eligibility.

  • Accept Terms – You are to read the terms and conditions of this card before applying on the Application page to gain better insight.
  • Age Requirements – Minimum age required to apply for this card is 18+
  • Residency – You must be a full resident of the United States to apply.
  • Membership Fee – $95

Never sign or apply for any card online without first going through the Terms, Conditions and Disclosures.

For Special Requirements or requests, you can contact the Customer support.

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How to Sign up for the Blue Cash Preferred Card?

Here are the steps required to sign up for Amex Blue Cash Preferred Card and enjoy the above benefits.

  • Visit the official American Express Preferred Credit Card page on here. (Opens in new tab)
  • Once on the page, click on the APPLY NOW bar to fill in your details and information
  • Make sure to Read through the Blue Cash Preferred Credit Card terms and conditions.
  • Submit your Application and await your Approval.

The offer for this Card might have changed. Please contact support on the designated phone numbers listed below for current offers.

Need Help? Contact Customer Service

In the event you need help or further assistance, you can contact the Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express customer service number on 1-800-528-4800.

FAQ about the Blue Cash Everyday Card from AMEX

How to Login to the Blue Everyday Card from AMEX ?

You can Visit Amex Login page here to Sign in to your Blue Cash Preferred Card Dashboard.

Can i use my P.O Box instead of Physical Address?

No, based on the USA PATRIOT Act, you need to have a physical address before been entitled to any credit card nationwide, even the Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express.

Is the Blue Cash Preferred Card worth it?

When you consider the welcome bonus, cash backs on pumps, restaurants and purchases with an annual membership fee of $95, i think it’s really worth the shot. However, you need to contact support if your need clarity on a whole lot of issues.

Does the Preferred Card from AMEX have an App?

Yes, you can access the official AMEX app on on Google Play Store here or on Apple App Store here.

What are American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card Bonus?

These includes 6% Cash Backs on Supermarkets, 6% Cash Backs on streaming subscriptions, 1% Cash Backs on every other purchase.
Also is the $300 you enjoy after spending $1,000