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Burlington Credit Card for Burlington Coat Factory offers the Credit Card at Alabama, Florida, Michigan, etc in 2020. Here are Burlington Card FAQ.

Burlington – All to know about Burlington Card in 2020

Burlington is widely known for the production of its fine coats, Men apparel, quality female fashion, and accessories nationwide.

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Before we start talking about Burlington Credit card and to answer questions like does Burlington have a credit card, it is worthy to take a closer look at what Burlington stores really represent.

Formally called Burlington Coat Factory , they currently just go by the name Burlington with the intent of better reaching more audience.

Over the years, Burlington has seen a great expansion in the town of Burlington in New Jersey and has also expanded its store reach and customers fanbase.

In addition to this, we have seen the addition of over 600 stores across the nukes and cranny of the United States including Puerto Rico.

Currently, Burlington does not just offer apparels but also has a section for:

  • Jewelry
  • Baby items
  • Coats and Jackets
  • Men’s fashion, etc.

All these can actually be achieved with the Burlington credit card application as it gives you extra points and bonuses off to shop on Burlington.

Burlington Credit Card Review

Burlington offers a credit card to its apparel stores loyal shoppers in order to effectively finance coats, men’s apparel, and female fashion accessories nationwide.

Who issues Burlington’s credit card? This was a question that was raised by one of our users.

Just as indicated above, the Burlington credit card is issued by Burlington Bank from the formerly called Burlington Coat Factory.

Burlington Credit Card Rates and Fees

Burlington Gift card offers some cool benefits and rates. Here are some of the conditions that must be met to use your Burlington Credit Card and the much talked about the gift card.

  • Annual fee – As at the time of writing these, there is no annual fee attached to this gift card as such, a $0 annual fee is required.
  • Return Policy – There is a 30 days return policy for all cardholders and users of this credit card. This applies to all eligible items from Burlington.
  • Cash Advance – Your Burlington Credit card does not request a cash advance to operate and as such, makes it a choice gift card.
  • Balance Transfer – Well, you cant transfer your Burlington Credit Card balance which makes it a less attracting card compared to others.

Burlington Credit Card Requirements

Some of the requirements below to apply for a Burlington Card also apply to a wide range of credit cards on this portal.

This includes:

  • Age – You must be of legal age (either 16 years or 18 years of age) depending on your territory.
  • Identification – You must also have a valid National Identification card that is legally tender-able with your Image visibly attached. 
  • Residency – You must have a US Residential address; a P.O Box is not applicable.
  • Having a valid email address is not a requirement except for other benefits which are totally optional.

How to Apply for Burlington Credit Card?

Below are Burlington credit card application details.

  1. Visit the Burlington Bank Card Application site here
  2. Once on the page, click the Signup button
  3. Provide the following details like (Personal Details, Contact Details, Residential Details, and Financial Details) 
  4. You will also be required to disclose such details as Business Name (if applicable), City, Contact Name, Contact Phone number, State, Email address, Country, etc) 
  5. Tap on the “Send” button to complete your application.

NB: An email will be sent to you once it has been approved and you can also apply for Burlington Credit Card online. All you have to do is to send a request to:

117 Bank Street, 1st Floor

Burlington, VT 05401

How to Activate Burlington Coat Factory Credit Card

If your card application was successful and accepted Congratulations! After receiving your card, you need to activate your card before finally using it.

This can be done by contacting the designated support lines and contact details on 1-877-213-6741 to get your Burlington Credit Card activated.

How to Login to your Burlington Dashboard?

After activating your card, you will need to login to your Burlington Dashboard to have access to your Card Management board on the go.

This also will give you unlimited access to manage your account, access to 24/7 online support and many more.

How to Login to your Online Platform?

  • Visit the Burlington Credit Card account login homepage here
  • Enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD (The same details used during your card registration) 
  • Select the “Sign In” button to access your account.

How to Recover Burlington Card Username and Password?

There might be different circumstances surrounding the need to reset your Burlington username and Password.

Yes we recommend accessibility to be able to reset username and passwords at will; however, this should only be done when you feel a need to.

Credit Card Tips

Follow these steps to reset your Username and Password if you really must. 

  • Visit the official Login Page and click reset password or click here
  • Select the “Forgot password” button
  • Enter your email address and a verification code will be sent
  • Enter the Verification Code
  • Click on “reset your account”

How to use your Burlington Credit Cards

Below, we shall be highlighting some places and products that you can use your Burlington cards to acquire and enjoy some cashback.

  • Burlington store – You get to use your Burlington Credit Cards at the Burlington Store across the United States and get amazing discounts.
  • Burlington Restaurants – You can use your Credit Cards at restaurants and Bars across the vicinity.
  • Burlington shoes – You can purchase shoes and Bags with your Card both instore and online as the most convenient to you as a customer.
  • Groceries – You can use your card to buy groceries for the home and enjoy some great discounts.
  • Coats and Cloth – Burlington Coat Factory (formal name) was widely known for its coats and cloth – You can use your Burlington cards to make coat purchases alongside other apparels.

Burlington Gift Cards – Not Credit Cards?

UPDATE! Does Burlington have credit card?

Information reaching us has it that Burlington Coat Factory does not currently have a Credit Card but a gift card known as Burlington gift cards for all online and in-store purchases. We will also try and contact Burlington directly to confirm this statement and update this guide!

Burlington has also disclosed that they currently offer various programs and credit cards for selected states.

These states include:

  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • Michigan
  • Nevada
  • Ohio
  • Southern California
  • Southern Texas
  • Utah

FAQ about Burlington Credit Cards

Does Burlington have a credit card?

Now, we’ve gotten this question asked by many of our readers across all our social network platforms. The answer is simply complex.
Yes, Burlington recently disclosed that they now have a credit card program for all eligible individuals in selected states only.

How does Burlington Credit Card Rewards work?

Basically, you earn 1 point for every single dollar spent.
Basically, 1 point on every $1 – This translates to 100 Points = $5 in Rewards.

Can I use my P.O Box instead of Physical Address for Burlington Cards?

No, based on the USA PATRIOT Act, you need to have a physical address before been entitled to any credit card nationwide.

What is the Duration between Approval and Card Collection of Burlington Credit Card?

Once you scale through the approval stage, you should rest assured that your Burlington credit card will be sent to you within 10 days.

How to activate the Burlington reward certificate?

Contrary to popular belief about a physical certification before triggering your rewards, the Burlington rewards are automatically accrued to your account once you reach the minimum threshold.

Does Burlington Credit Card offer Online Account Management?

Yes, you can apply and enroll for the Account Center Management which gives you access to different online features.

Does Burlington Credit Card have an App?

As at the time of writing this post, there was no App seen on their platform either on Google Play Store or on the Apple App Store.

Burlington Credit Card Processing Tips

Copyright – Burlington Coat Factory

Burlington Bank Card offers credit card processing solutions for small scale enterprises likewise big corporations.

Burlington credit card processing solutions are safe and reliable for all business owners and clients alike.

We are however yet to find the linkage between the Burlington Coat Factory and the processing solutions making the rounds online.

Need Assistance? Contact Burlington Credit Card Customer Service

Contact the Burlington Credit Card Customer Service on 1-877-213-6741 for further details and inquiries as regards your credit card. You can also send a sealed mail to 117 Bank Street, 1st Floor; Burlington, VT 05401

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This Burlington Card Article is for Financial Education Purposes only and does not substitute Qualified Professional Advice. Contact Burlington Customer Service Number associated with this credit card for advanced counsel.

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