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Carpet One Credit Card 2020 is a financial instrument from Synchrony Bank that Carpet One card Customers use in accessing financing of house projects and new home decoration.

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Carpet One Credit Card Reviewed

This card is relevant for Carpet One clients who needs repainting in and out of home, financing a new capital one flooring as well as other housing needs.

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Sharing almost the same similarities as Mohawk credit card, cardholder get to do the hardest housing projects with much ease.

All you get to do is to visit the Carpet One online portal, follow the required instructions and you will be referee to a flooring specialist.

Carpet One is an independent company that specializes in offering home maintenance services such as:

  1. Flooring services
  2. Home designs
  3. Lawn service
  4. Garden services as well as other home related service.

Carpet One Credit Card Features

Before choosing this credit card, here are some features to closely consider:

  • Feature 1 – Cardholders can access the annual semi flooring promotion.
  • Feature 2 – This above promotion enables the card holder to be able to save up to $100
  • Feature 3 – The sales and clearance promotion guarantees a cardholder saves between $250 to $500
  • Feature 4 – Cardholders can access the one year special financing scheme especially when they make use of their card frequently.
  • Feature 5 ­– This credit card is issued by Synchrony Bank, and as such all financing, rates, charges are subject to the financial institution.

Carpet One Card Benefits

These are the list of benefits available for both the new and old cardholders:

  • No Annual Fees – There are no annual fee to be paid by all card users (Old and new)
  • Online Access – Have unlimited access to your online account dashboard and keep track of your statement balance, payments, updates on your card.
  • 24/7 Support – Have an easy access to the dedicated customer care unit (24/7)
  • Pay bills at your own convenient using the online and the mail option
  • 12 Month Special Financing – Enjoy the one year special financing where repayment is monthly and easy.

Rates And Fees

  • Carpet One Credit Card does not have annual fee charge ($0)
  • Contact support for trending rates and fees below

Eligibility Check

  • Ensure your are 18 years as at the time of your application
  • Have a fair credit history

How to Apply for Carpet One Credit Cards? 

  • Step 1 – Go to the online application platform by clicking here
  • Step 2 – Move to the application center and fill in the boxes (confirm all details before submitting)
  • Step 3 – Crosscheck the information you filled and click on continue to move on to the next phrase.

How To Login to Carpet One?

You can login to your Carpet One card dashboard through the Synchrony Portal using the below details.

  • Visit the official login page here
  • Once on the page, type in your USERNAME and PASSWORD
  • Click the LOGIN LINK to access your dashboard.

Need Help? Contact Customer Care Support

In the event that you need assistance with any of the above details, you can call Carpet Car customer support on 1-855-220-3806.

Additional Information

Cardholders can also do any of the following to keep their credit card account safe:

  • Reset or change their Password
  • Find their Username
  • Reset their security question
  • Resister their carpet one card.

Carpet One FAQ

What credit score do you need for Carpet One card?

Its a Synchrony card and their credit score is pegged between 600-699.

How do i Login to my Carpet One Dashboard

You can login using the Synchrony Bank sign in page

What is the Minimum Age required to Apply for Carpet One Card

Depending on your state laws, this could be between the age of 18yrs and 21yrs.

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