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Cato Credit Card is for customers who love to make fashion statement. The Cato Card payment, credit score with a rate of 22.9% has been reviewed here.

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Cato Credit Card Reviews

Cato credit card is a no annual fee and no interest rate Gift Card which can be used both in-store and for online fashion purchases.

This card is issued by Cedar Hill National Bank.

We came across two distinct Cato cards and we will review and analyze their difference and benefits in a jiffy.

  1. Cato Fashions Credit Card
  2. Cato Gift Card

Cato Fashions Credit Card

Listed herein are the benefits you get by using Cato Fashion Card

  • You get a Low-interest rate
  • You get a no annual fee
  • Once your balance is paid in full prior to your billing due date, you get no fund charges.
  • As a Cato Cardholder, you get interesting news regarding Fashion.
  • APR normal rate is 22.9%
  • Customers are not charged interest rates on any new purchases made.
  • Checkbook or cash is not required for this Card.
  • You can personally have access to your account balance, payment details and know your available credit.
  • You can make payment via phone.
  • No fear of a minimum credit score.

Cato Gift Card

This Gift card comes with some benefits for all cardholders.

  • You can give out this card to your friends and loved ones – It comes with a created and customized envelop and card.
  • The amount can be chosen to range from $25 to $999.
  • This card can be used at all Cato stores including the online store.
  • Comes with free shipping features and an opt-in for Express delivery

Cato Credit Card Fees/Rates

Please know, these rates have been combined for both the above listed cards and also covers the Cato plus credit card; which is the same as the fashion card from our research.

  • Annual Fee –None
  • Regular APR Rate of –22.9%
  • Grace Period –28 days
  • There’s no finance charge if the balance is paid in full, on or before your next billing date
  • No interest is charged for new purchases

How to Apply for Cato credit cards?

One user asked if Cato Credit Card is hard to get; well, most of our users who apply for this card revealed otherwise.

Here are the step by step guidelines in applying and checking your Cato credit card application status.

  • Visit the Cato Card homepage here
  • Click on “My Account”
  • Fill in your personal details
  • Fill-in your employment information such as; employer detail, your Monthly Income, and your occupation.
  • Ensure you read through the Terms and Conditions carefully.
  • Click on “Submit Application” button.

NB: You will receive a mail within 7- 14 days stating that your Cato Credit Card application has been approved or not (Depending on your credit score and other pointers)

How to Activate Cato Credit Card?

Activating your Cato cards is quite easy and can be done online from your dashboard as disclosed above.

  • Visit your Login Page as indicated above and click on Activate Account
  • Follow the prompt displayed on the screen 
  • Fill in your Card details to activate your account.

NB: You can also activate your Cato card by calling support on 1-877-557-3526.

Cato Customer Care

How To Login to your Cato Dashboard?

You need frequent access to your Cato Card dashboard for various financial needs.

Below, we have simplified your steps to sign in.

  1. Visit the Cato Card Login page by clicking here.
  2. Provide your Username
  3. Provide your Password
  4. Select the “Sign In” button.

How To Recover Cato Username and Password?

  1. Visits the web page of the fashion catalog as displayed on the above step.
  2. Select the “Forget Password” link
  3. Enter your email address on the new page shown. Make sure its a valid email address to receive the verification code.
  4. Fill in the verification code on the space provided and reset your password or username.

The same process is applicable in resetting your Cato Card Username and Password.

This should be done only when necessary or you suspect unwanted activities in your account – In which case, you are advised to contact support.

How to Process your Cato Card Payment?

You can process your Cato credit card payments online or by a Phone call (whichever is convenient for you)

Below, we have outlined the means by which you can get this done.


  • Visit the Log in page and Sign in to your Cato Dashboard
  • Locate the Payment Bar to make payment
  • Fill in your desired details and amount to process
  • Confirm order and complete your payment

On Phone

You can also process your payment on the phone by calling the designated support lines.

You can place a call to 1-877-557-3526 to process your payment.

Need Assistance? Contact Cato Customer Service

For further inquiries, call the Cato credit card phone number and contact Customer service on 1-877-557-3526 to speak with an agent.

You can also follow up on questions that might not have been answered by this post.

Popular Questions about Cato Cards

Can I make purchases online with my Cato gift card?

Your Cato Gift cards are accepted on

How to check my Application Status?

You can contact support to check and get detailed information’s about your Cato cards’ application status.

What are Cato Gift Cards Prices?

You can get a Cato gift card between the range of $25 to $999. This can be used in-store or online.

How to check my Cato Credit Card Balance?

You can check your Cato Gift Card Balance by clicking here.
You will be required to provide your Card Number and PIN.

What bank issues Cato credit card?

Cato credit card is issued by Cedar Hill National Bank. The Cato card gets issued by Cedar Hill upon request.

Need Assistance? Contact Cato Credit Card Support

For further assistance about your Cato cards, you can contact support on 1-877-557-3526

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