Chrysler Credit Card 2020 Review | Rates

Chrysler Credit Card mainly offers rewards to loyal cardholders. This credit card from Chrysler is offered by First Bank Card with grate rates and payments.

Chrysler Credit Card Review

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Chrysler is a known American automobile manufacturing firm, with other subsidiaries such as Jeep, Dodge, Ram etc their official website was recently shutdown by the United states government, however, they are back up and running effectively.

Chrysler Credit Card offers a paperless feature not only that, the system is very secured for online transactions, bills payments and other online credit card activities.

Then you have the free access to checking your FICO score, this access is unlimited.

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Chrysler MasterCard Rates (APRs) And Fees

  • Chrysler MasterCard annual subscription = $0
  • LP fee is = $37
  • RP fee is = $35
  • BT fee is = $10 or 5%

Chrysler MasterCard Credit Card Mobile Banking Feature

Chrysler MasterCard has a mobile banking app that ensures the card holder maintain an effective account management, all that you have to do is to go to either Google app stores, Apple stores etc and download the Chrysler Mobile app for free.

Below are some of the features on the mobile interface;

  • Access your FICO score easily
  • View your account activities including checking balance  and card statements
  • Monitor your rewards as well as other credit card updates on bonus to be earned
  • Set up you text and email alerts
  • Set up auto online credit card payments
  • You can customize your mobile app to a more personalized one
  • Other features includes, Passcode, Apple touch ID, quick balance, profile updating etc.

How To Enroll For Chrysler MasterCard Credit Card Online

Enrolling for the online banking feature ensures you have control on your account, here are the steps to follow;

  • Go to the Chrysler MasterCard Homepage here
  • Navigate to where you have Enroll and click
  • You have either personal or business enrollment
  • Fill in your information as required in the empty spaces
  • Chose a secured Username and Password
  • Click on Enroll

How To Make Payment Using Apple Pay

Apple pay is enabled by the Apple products, every Apple device is configured to function with this Apple pay all you need to do is the following;

  • Go to your wallet
  • Chose either credit card and debit card from the option
  • Tap the camera icon on your phone
  • Snap the number on your card, if you do not want to enter the number manually
  • You card will now be automatically added to your payment profile
  • At checkout, locate the icon
  • Take your device closer to the sellers card reader, make an authorized payments by tapping the Apple Touch ID
  • Card number are secured since they are revealed to the sellers during payments

How To Make Payments With Samsung Pay

  • Go to your Samsung pay app and add your credit card
  • Select the payment
  • Enter your authorized PIN number or use the finger print authorization feature
  • Get you Samsung device close dealers card reader, your payment will automatically be effected

Need Assistance? Contact Support

In the event you need support or Request members status, you can contact the designated Chrysler Card supports on 888-295-5540

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