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Diamond International Credit Card 2020 from Comenity Bank offers some fair credit rewards. Late Payment attracts $38.

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For your special Diamond purchase with ease and perfect payment to match your budget go for Diamond international credit card.

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The credit card offers special financing that is available with no prepayment penalties Diamond International Credit card is issued by Comenity Bank. 

Diamond International Credit Card Benefits

  • Cardholders are given special financing available 
  • No Prepayment penalties 
  • Budget friendly monthly payments 
  • Toll-free customer Assistance for Cardholders 
  • Convenient online account management 
  • Cardholders enjoys 24/7 online accounts management 
  • Deferred-interest plan info

Fees And Rates 

  • Annual Percentage Rate for Purchases –  29.99%
  • APR for cash Advances – Not applicable 
  • Interest free period – 25 days 
  • Minimum Interest Charge –  $2
  • Cash Advances fees – Not Applicable 
  • Foreign Transaction – Not Applicable 
  • Activation – None
  • Late Payment – $38
  • Returned payment – $38

How To Apply?

  • Visit the official application page by clicking “Apply Now”
  • Read the credit card terms and conditions before applying. 
  • Fill in your details. This includes the below
  • First Name, MI and Last name, Suffix
  • Social Security number, Date of Birth 
  • Annual Income
  • Zip code, 
  • Street Address, Suite or Apt 
  • City, State, 
  • Email Address, confirm Email Address 
  • Mobile Phone, Alternate phone,  
  • Add a Authorized Buyer. (Yes or No) 
  • Scroll down  and click on “Continue” button 

Application Status 

Applicants of Diamond International Credit Card can Check their application status by calling at 1-855-334-3630

How To Activate?

To activate a new Diamond International Credit Card call at the number at the front of the sticker attached to the credit card on arrival. 

How To Log?

  • At the Synchrony Bank  home page 
  • Click on “ Your Account” widget 
  • On the Log In section, enter your User ID and Password 
  • Click on the “ Secure Login” button 

How To Recover?

  • On the “Log In” section of the Synchrony Bank  
  • Click on the “ Find User Name” link
  • On the next page, enter  account number, last four digits of SSN, Date of Birth 
  • Click on the, “ Continue “ button 
  • To find your user name and reset your password. 

How To Report Your Diamond International CC

Cardholders whose credit card missed or it stolen can contact at 800-221-5743

How Cancel Your Diamond International CC

If a cardholder desires to close their credit card account please contact the customer service center at 1- 866-419-4096

Diamond International Credit Card Customer Service Center

The Customer Service Number can be contacted at 1-855-334-3630

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