Ebates Cash Back Credit Card 2020 | Rates & FAQ

Ebates Cash Back Credit Card comes at a time when credit card offers limited bonuses – The Ebates Cash Back offers great rewards and rates.

Ebates Visa Credit Card

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As one of the credit card issued by Synchrony bank, Ebates Visa Reward Card also known as Ebates Cash Back Visa Credit Card offers an everyday plus every way cash back rewards to the card holder.

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Rebates available on this credit card comes mainly from cash back offers such as the 3% discount on purchases made, card holders earn at least 3% extra rewards on eligible purchases made at Ebates.

Then there is an offer of 1% discount on every purchase made at location where Visa card is accepted.

Ebates rewards Card has an enabled secured login tool, with this you get to access your credit card account with very much ease.

Ebates Cash Back Credit Card Featured Details

Ebates as a brand that has a credit card comes with some features as well as details that help the applicant make a choice on which of the cards to apply for.

Below we have a list of features:

  • Ebates has a secured login tool accessible by all the card holders
  • Online registration can be done by self
  • Card holders who make eligible purchase gets a 3% discount on the purchase
  • Making purchases at VISA card enable outlet earns you a 1% disount
  • Earn a $10 welcome purchase bonus
  • Rebates, rewards a well as bonuses are unlimited in offer on Ebates rebates Card.
  • Ebates has over two thousand (2000) stores
  • Card holders have been on the receiving end as over $4 million has been given out as cash back
  • There are charges for annual subscription

Ebates Cash Back Benefits

Card benefits includes but not limited to:

  • 3% discount on eligible purchases
  • 1% discount for purchases made at VISA card enable stores
  • You are not charged annually for card use.
  • Enjoy a continuous cash back as long as you continue to use the credit card
  • Receive $10 bonus after your first purchase
  • Points earned will be redeemed into your Ebates account

Rates And Fees

Card holders are required to pay these fees when applicable;

  • Annual fee
  • Foreign transaction
  • Purchases rate
  • Cash withdrawals
  • Annual percentage rates

Eligibility Check

Every credit card has an accepted applicable age limit for all the applicant, below is the age bracket for Ebates cash back visa Credit Card;

How Do I Apply?

  • You will be required to join first by entering your email address and password
  • Proceed to the application page
  • Your required information includes;
  • Names, M.I, street address, Zip code plus city and state, phone number (indicate the type), alternative phone number, emails address, an estimated annual income, date of birth and social security number or ITIN
  • Click continue

Note – the information listed above is required for application for all the credit card on Ebates, these credit cards includes

  • Ebates Credit Card
  • Ebates Cash Back Visa Platinum Card

For Technical Support

In case you need help and support, you can contact the designated Ebates Cash Back Credit Card lines on (855) 697- 4560