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Edward Jones Credit Card is issued by Elan Financial Services and they reward their customers with lots of offer like; loyalty points and reward which gives the cardholder joy to use at any point in time.

Edward Jones credit card is mainly for their Customers and it offers a no annual fee rate. Outlined below are the benefit accrued to Edward Jones credit card clients.

Benefits of Edward Jones Reward

  • Offers no annual fee rate
  • Rewards their customers for every deposits into their account with Loyalty points.
  • Edward Jones Customers can personally track their account purchases.
  • Edward Jones customers have access to the support and personalized service of a financial advisor.
  • Access to Travel accident Insurance
  • Fraud Protection
  • Free credit score
  • Easy cash access
  • Unlimited Loyalty Rewards like; cash back statement, gift cards, travel and Edward Jones Invest deposits.

How To Apply for Edward Jones Reward?

To apply for Card , Visit the Edward Jones Credit Card Official Webpage at www.edwardjones.com

In order for you to maximize the benefits of your newly acquired Edward Jones Credit Card, you need to get it activated by call this number: 800-558-3424 and you will be required to supply your card information.

How To Login to Edward Jones Reward?

Here are a few steps to Login to your Edward Jones Credit Card account.

STEP 1: Visit the Edward Jones Credit Card webpage.

STEP 2: Select the “Login” button

STEP 3: Provide your Individual User ID in the blank space and select the “Continue” button.

STEP 4: Fill-in your Password

STEP 5: Select the “Login” button.

How To Recover your Password and User ID?

  • Visit the Login webpage
  • Click on “Forgot your individual ID”.
  • Provide your Social Security Number (SSN) last 4-digits

Forgot Password

In case you forgot your Password, Call the Edward Jones Credit Card bank at 800-558-3424

How to Pay Bills?

  • Login to your account
  • Locate the payment icon
  • Choose a better payment plan and pay you bill.

Edward Jones Card Customers Service

For further details and clarification concerning your credit card, contact the Edward Jones Credit Card customer Service Unit on: 1 314-515-2000

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