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Gettington Credit Card is the preferred rewards card for smart spending. Gettington Card is issued by WebBank with a card credit score of 600.

Gettington Credit Card

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The Gettington card is for cardholders to spend while earning rewards.

With this credit card, the holder has the option for installmental payment after making purchases.

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Gettington rewards card has offers for every category of customers who make use of the card.

There are only a few credit cards that can offer the card holder $49 as well as a free shipping while making use of the reward card in making your purchases.

Below are some of the rates offered by Gettington credit cardds for all users.

The minimum Annual Percentage rate which is offered to card holder is a very rare one for an entitlements for the card holder, in essence a Gettington Credit Card get to pay very little in terms of interest as the card holder a low-interest charge.

Gettington Credit Card offers the card holder a low credit score card requirements.

This is why this credit card seems to be the most preferred card by most people.

Gettington Credit Card Details

Below are some of the details offered by this card.

  • No annual fee payment for using your Gettington credit card
  • Gettington Card has no Intro Annual Percentage Rate Fee
  • The Ordinary Annual Percentage Rate fee is pegged at 25.14
  • Purchases Intro is not applicable
  • Regular purchase on APR is fixed at 29.99

Gettington Credit Card Eligibility

Check out terms of eligibility when applying for Gettington Card, these criteria will make it easier for the card holder to have his application easily processed, check the list below:

  • Only applicants that are 18 years and over are eligible to apply for Gettington Card.
  • You need to have a social security Number to be eligible
  • A United State government issued photo ID must be provided for your Gettington Card application.

Gettington Credit Card Application

Below are simplified steps to apply for this card.

  • Go to the Gettington Card sign-up page by clicking here.
  • From the visibly displayed sign up form, fill in your data information accurately
  • Ensure that you double check your personal data you entered
  • After filling all the blank spaces as required, you can now Submit the application upon clicking on the “Submit Application” Link.

Where To Use Gettington Credit Card

The Gettington rewards Card was designed for usage in the following outfit;

  • Shopping mall,
  • Retail stores
  • Designated Gettington shops nationwide
  • On line platform

The essence of making use of these outfit is to ensure saving.

Rewards Options For Gettington Credit Card

  • Enjoy free shipping benefits
  • Enjoy a minimum Annual Percentage rate on your card usage.
  • Enjoy rewards of zero annual fee charge for using your Gettington Card

Gettington Card Call Center

The official call service number that can be accessed by every customer is: 1-866-688-1091. The number is available 24/7, and as such, customers should always call for technical support.

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