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Global Cash Card login and activation is an initiative that simplifies customized payment solutions. See Global Cash Apps, Reviews and activation details.

Global Cash Card Reviews

The Global Cash Card Visa® card comes with some rich features that everyone can relate with. This gives you access to your cash everywhere you go as you device exciting means of using your paycard.

The Global cards are accessible and used anywhere a Visa or MasterCard® is used; this includes stores, gas stations, dinners, etc.

Below, we take a look at some of the top global cards and their respective features. It is worthy to note that Global Cash Card offers personalized cards for different cardholders needs.

That is, you get to see specialized and customized cards like the ones listed below:

  1. Payroll Cards – The Global Payroll Card makes the distribution of salaries and funds to employees as it issues a smarter way of pay-rolling. It reduces cost and embraces efficiency in all sphere.

Payroll distribution is quiet simplified for all employees and staffs of various categories. There is drastic elimination of time wastage in calculating tax, instructions and reports.

Everything is done in real-time for proper accountability.

  1. Incentive Cards – The Incentive cards offers great rewards for sales and marketing needs. It offers great rewards to inspire and motivate the workforce with rewards.

It has been dubbed the appreciative-card and it encodes staff recognition and sales team motivation for optimal results.

  1. Gift Cards – The Global Cash Card Gift Cards makes it easy to appreciate employees at work and motivate them to do better.

This card needs no activation and can be used anywhere where visa debit cards are used and accepted.

  1. Travel & Per Diem – This card makes it easier to organize traveling expenses. It comes with huge benefits ranging from expense reporting to monitoring employees spending.
  2. Government – The Global Government Cash Card offers a unified way of tracking the financial activities of those in power.

This card can track government fund disbursements, contract expenses and travel expenses coverage.

It helps in a great deal to eradicate and minimize fraud, disaster relief, etc.

Global Cash Card Benefits

Below are some of the benefits compiled and reviewed by users across the state. Also inclusive are some benefits of using the Global Cash Cards.

  • Alert and Texting – You get real time Alerts on your phone and email notification of daily transactions. It comes with a system in place to monitor your financials.
  • Convenience – The card is accepted at all major stores worldwide and as such, it becomes a convenient card to use. There is unlimited access to ATMs nationwide for your usage.
  • Identity theft reduction – There is a great reduction of identify theft with the Global Cash credit card.
  • Liability Policy – 0% Liability
  • Manage Expenses – The Global Cash Card comes with a feature called Expense Manager. This enables you to better optimize your expenses. You get access to detailed reports using the Expense Manager.
  • On the Go Access – You can access your card details, balance and conclude transactions of the go with you mobile access. Funds can be transferred and received, payment of bills and other services are supported.
  • Online Bill Payments – You can use the card platform to pay for bills online. All you need to do is know your merchants and pay with your card.
  • Savings – These cards could be really cost effective for users and users could enjoy some realistic cost savings.
  • Unlimited Rewards – Global Cash Cards is fully loaded with great rewards on numerous sections ranging from entertainment, health, travel, restaurants, etc.
  • 3rd Party Usage – You can assign a family member to access funds from your card at your request and approval just like Conn’s HomePlus.

Global Cash Sign Up

Signing up for any of the above cards is quite easy as long as you are a member of any affiliated organization using these services as your application is subject to this.

  1. Visit the official sign up page located here
  2. Select and follow the instruction on the page.
  3. Fill in your details as requested by the portal. These includes (First Name, Last Name, Unique ID ‘SSN, Employee ID’ and Employer Name)
  4. Click on the reCAPTCHA to confirm you are not a robot and click continue.

Global Cash Sign in (GCC Login Steps)

Here is how to login on the Global Cash credit card platform.

  1. Visit the official login page located here.
  2. By the right hand side, type in your username and password
  3. Click the login bar and allow your dashboard to fully load.
  4. Once loaded, you gain direct access to the platform to manage your card.

Global Cash Card Activation STEPS

Activating your card is also easy. Do you remember the link we used during the signup section? Scroll up and click on that link again.

  1. Once on the sign up page, click on ‘YES’ when asked Do you have a card with us?
  2. type in your card number and expiration date
  3. Click on the reCAPTCHA to confirm you are not a robot and click continue to activate your card.

Global Cash Card App / Mobile

We’ve been asked by users about the global cash card mobile app and we’ve tried contacting the platform for details on these. Our findings however reveals the following.

There is no current App for Global cash on either Android iOS nor iPhone OS.

The closest we got to was a Mobile friendly version of the webpage which can be gotten on

What this does is that, anytime you log in to your card dashboard on mobile; a responsive site gets triggered which makes your online experience swift based on your device.

There is an app on iTunes that goes by the same name but it is just for locking and unlocking credit cards as not in anyway a mobile credit card.

Global Cash Card ATM Locators

Users can take their smartphones and locate any of the Global cash card free ATM across the state. This gives you access to easily have access to your funds whenever you want it.

There are diverse ATM networks that have been partnered with to make your use of such ATM stands stress free.

According to Global, they currently in partnership with Allpoint and MoneyPass. You can easily check any ATM network on your smartphone or on your PC using this link here.

How to use the ATM Locator?

  • Click the above link and select any ATM network (This will open a Map powered by ‘Google Map’)
  • Type in your desired Location to select the ATM Network closest to you.
  • Select the closest list from the drop down and search.
  • Click on your desired ATM and get the direction and availability.

How to Check Global Cash Card Balance?

Here are the simplified ways at which you can check your Balance on Global Cash. They have different ways and setups to check your account online and on the go.

  • You can check your balance by visiting global cash card website, LOGIN and access your Dashboard
  • You can also check your balance using two-way texting via the use of short codes.
  • You can also check your balance by subscribing to automatic notifications either on your smartphone or email.
  • Another means is via their automated call-prompt system when you call 888-220-4477 and follow the instructions given.

Need Help? Contact Global Cash Complaints Line

In case you need further assistance than what is above, you can contact GCC complaint lines for any other details as not covered here or special requests on 888-220-4477.