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Halifax Clarity Credit Card 2020 can be classified as a premium credit card that offers some of the best Halifax incentives to the credit card holder.

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Halifax Clarity Credit Card Review

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This credit card was mainly designed for the regular travelers.

This is because, nearly a million Halifax Credit Card holders enjoyed the rewards options available on this credit card.

These rewards options includes the zero charges on card activities outside the United Kingdom.

Why Halifax Clarity Credit Card has remained the best choice for travelers is the clarity of payments both on the fees to be paid and the rate at which services are offered.

Credit ratings are important while applying for credit card, in the case of Halifax Card, credit rating is affected.

Halifax Clarity Credit Card just like other credit card on the Halifax platform are financial products from Bank Of Scotland Plc.

By implication, this credit card is mainly in use in the United Kingdom.

Halifax Clarity Card Details

Here are some of the facts you need to know as a Halifax Credit Cardholder;

  • Cash withdrawals at Automatic teller machine (ATM) attract a fee subject to terms and condition
  • There are interest charged on purchases made with the credit card, however, interest can be overwritten when the cardholder pays up within the due date.
  • Using the credit card outside of the United Kingdom attracts a convertible rate made by MasterCard and to be paid in British pounds.
  • Cash withdrawals outside the United Kingdom territories attract zero charges
  • As a MasterCard powered product, this credit card can be used in over forty million locations (40 Million).
  • Halifax secure offers the online security required to protect your online transactions
  • With the aid of mobile banking, Halifax mobile enables the cardholder to properly manage their account
  • The Halifax mobile app offers the option of accessing your credit card statements, accessing card balance, bill payments, online transactions, etc.

Rates (APRs) & Fees

  • The general annual percentage rate is 18.9%, however, below are the variable standard annual rate
  • Purchases is = 18.95% – 25.95%
  • Money transfers is = 18.95% – 25.95%
  • Balance transfer is = 18.95% – 25.95%
  • Cash transactions is = 18.95% – 25.95%
  • Simple annual rate for default charges is = 17.472% or 23.292%
  • Minimum payments is = £12
  • There are no annual fee charge
  • Interest free period for purchases is = 56 days
  • transfer fee on Promotion is = 3% (three months of account opening)
  • Bal transfer and cash transfer does not have interest free period

Eligibility For Enrollment

  • Must be a resident in the United Kingdom with legal document to prove
  • Must be between the age bracket of 18 and above
  • Have an annual income that comes in regularly
  • Must not have a pending CCJ or bankruptcy case against you

Halifax Clarity Credit Card Enrollments

  • Go to the Halifax Clarity Credit Card online application page here
  • Enter the following into the online application form
  • Names, email address, marital status, nationality, gender, date of birth, account number, phone number, current and previous United Kingdom address, sort code, your annual income before tax record.
  • When you are done filling the application form
  • You can then submit it for processing

Need Help? Contact Halifax Customer Service

In the event that you need help and assistance, you can contact Halifax customer service on +44 0113 366 0167.

Successful applicants receive their credit card 7 days after their application was submitted.

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