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Halifax Flexicard Credit Card 2020 has great incentives given the rates on card usage that is attached to it. See Halifax Flexicard details and rewards.

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Halifax FlexiCard Credit Card Review

There is no spending option that is better than the possibility of spreading your payment options.

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With a credit card like Halifax Flexicard, you will not only enjoy a very low rate as charges, you also get to access the option of installment payment plan, by this option, a card holder can afford to make a purchase now and pay up within a specific period of time, having spread the payment.

One of the advantages of using the Halifax Card is the low annual percentage rate on rep. which is 6.4%.

Rates charged determines how the card holder will use the credit card, with a 0% charge on Balance transfer within the first three months of receiving the card (90 day from opening account).

This credit card becomes a better option in terms of annual percentages charged when compared with other credit cards.

However, after the interest rate free period of three months (90 days equivalent), rate on balance transfer will be 3% or 0.03. This will be applicable to all transaction that has to do with Bal. transfer.

Halifax Flexicard Credit Card Featured Details

  • Enjoy the option of flexible payments. In essence, card holder enjoy the option of spreading their payment thereby enlightening the payment burdens.
  • Easy credit card account management via the online platform, here you get to plan you payment option and setting up your repayment methods.
  • Installment plan option ensure you easily pay up for huge items
  • Repayments limit for installment payment can be set to £100
  • Ensure to pay your minimum payment on each month
  • Ensure you stay within your credit limit

Rates (APRs) & Fees

  • Credit limit is pegged at £1,200 within a space of one year
  • Purchases rates is = 6.45% (variable)
  • Percentage On Rep. is = 6.4%
  • Standard rate on installment plan is = 6.45% or 14.95%
  • Simple annual rates on default charges is = 6.264% or 14.004%
  • Cash transaction on all currency is £3 or an equivalent of 3%
  • 0% intro bal transfer for three months (90 days)
  • Subsequent bal transfer is = 3%
  • Late payments and Over limit charged is = £12

Eligibility For Enrollment

To be eligible for Halifax Flexicard Credit Card, here are the following criteria you must possess to be eligible;

  • Have a regular record of annual income
  • Must resident in the United Kingdom (must present proof)
  • 18 years of age is the age limit, an age above can apply
  • Free from any pending CCJ case

Halifax Flexicard Credit Card Signup

  • Go to the Halifax Flexicard online application portal here
  • Here are the information that will be required from the applicant
  • A record of your financial information (Annual income), an address (UK Address), your account balance, an email address, your bank sort code, a phone number
  • You can submit after filling the online application properly

Additional Information

  • Applicants are issued their credit card 7 days after successful application
  • There is an option for additional credit card
  • Halifax Flexicard online applications are securely done.

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