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Halifax Student Credit Card is the best choice for any student who resides in the United Kingdom. This Halifax credit card can help your credit rating as a student.

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Halifax Student Credit Card Explained

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Since having a decent credit history is important, students are advised to opt for this credit card.

Halifax as a financial institution in the United Kingdom deemed it fit to have a credit card that helps the student to responsibly build a better credit card reputation just as the Clarity card.

This credit card was not only introduced to help the holder build a reputation, it was also designed to help the holder to effectively and efficiently manage their finances.

For student credit card such as Halifax Student Credit Card, some of the important factors that will help the card holder improve in their rating is up to date payments.

Hence the option of using text reminder function, this credit card also has a flexible credit limit.

Halifax Student Credit Card Details

  • Card holders have the option of adjusting their credit limit to their preferred setting, for example, you can choose a credit limit between £500 and £100.
  • Card holders must notify the institution of their credit limit choice at all time
  • Card holder can activate the text reminder option, this is to remind the card holder of their payment due date.
  • Responsible card use can help the card holder to quickly build up a good credit limit
  • To be a responsible card holder, the card holder must ensure they pay up their statement at the due dates and must not exceed their credit limit
  • Card holders can as well chose their preferred card colour that suit them.

Application Criteria

  • Ensure that you do not have credit card application rejected within the last 30 days
  • You are an income earner with a prove to show (Source of income)
  • Be legally residing in the United Kingdom (Show Address)
  • Must have exceeded the applicable age of 18 years
  • Should not have a case of bankruptcy, CCJ or IVA on you.

How To Apply For Halifax Student Card?

Visit the application eligibility page here

Here is how you apply with the following information;

  • Personal Details Includes; (i) Names, (including Titles), (ii) Date of birth and (iii) Gender
  • Contact Details Includes; (i) Your current United Kingdom address (ii) United Kingdom postal code (iii) Years spent at the current address (iv) Email address (v) Phone Number (vi) Nationality and marital status
  • Employment and Financial Details; (i) Occupation (ii) Employment status (iii) Time spent at current employment (iv) Annual income before tax

Need Assistance? Contact Support

Need assistance with the Halifax Student credit card application? You can call support on 0800 028 3258 – Available 24/7.

Additional Information Includes

  • Prove your main account number
  • Provide your sort code