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How To Earn Miles On Delta American Airlines? When it comes to using a credit card, one of the things that interest card users are the benefits, rewards which come as bonus points or even miles.

Earn Miles On Delta American Airlines

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However, on this post, we will be looking at How To Earn Miles On Delta American Airlines or you may as well call it bonus points as the case may be.

There has been a countless situation where you have people asking questions like how to earn airline miles without credit card use, the thing is that, although there possibility of earning miles even without having a credit card facility.

However, on how to earn miles fast by a card user, the cardholder is expected to make purchases, or better still make eligible purchases as the case may be.

Since miles is the accumulation of rewards, benefits and more, one who is a cardholder must ensure that he uses his card for eligible purchases.

On knowing how to earn miles one should understand that a customer with delta SkyMiles has the chance of doing so much with it and more travelings aren’t just one of the benefits. As you can go to numerous places.

Apart from travels, a cardholder can also earn a lot of miles without even having to fly, in fact, you can earn tons of miles by doing the things you do every other day.

One of the fun facts about miles is that it is can help to secure your trip when converted to a reward.

Where And How To Earn Miles?

There is a different avenue where a cardholder will be able to earn tones of miles, below are a few avenues to earn miles;

  • Via travel
  • Making purchases with your Delta SkyMiles Credit Card
  • Exploiting SkyMiles Partners
  • Taking advantage of the Offers in the display

A cardholder can actually earn miles on flights when traveling, this explains how to collect air miles on flights;

How To Earn Miles While On Flights

Now to quickly outline how to collect air miles on flights, here are the steps to follow; Since every trip births a fresh and another trip especially as a SkyMiles Member.

It is important to know that each flight comes in as another avenue to earn massive miles, which in turn helps you in achieving your dream of traveling to your next destination.

  • In order to enjoy and earn the miles bonus on flight ensure that whenever you are booking a flight make sure you always type in your SkyMiles number
  • For every dollar spent in ticket purchase, you could earn 5 miles if it is Delta-marketed flights.
  • You can also earn miles on partner flights, that is flight affiliated with Delta airlines and then earn miles differently for certain exception fares
  • Cardholders stand to enjoy more once they get to the level of a Medallion Status, here you get to earn 11 miles for each dollar used for purchases.
  • Irrespective of who purchased the ticket, as long as the member SkyMiles number and name are listed on the ticket are on the ticket you still earn miles.

A cardholder can earn with a Delta SkyMiles Credit Card, you can earn these Miles whenever you make eligible purchases with your Delta SkyMiles Credit Card.

The emphasis here is the eligible purchase, how to earn miles here isn’t the problem but to earn it in the appropriate way.

Get car spirit when you are on a journey with any of the  Delta Reserve Credit Card from American Express and you will earn miles.

How To Use?

Delta miles enable a cardholder to travel to at least over 1000 destinations using either Delta American airline or Delta airlines partners.

Here is how you can use your eligible earned miles to book a personal trip or for a friend. Note, there are no blackout dates.

  • Visit the official delta airlines online platform on and chose “Book a Flight”. You can also use the Fly Delta app to do the booking.
  • On the booking page, locate the ‘Show Price In’ section but chose by clicking on the “miles” link
  • You can now enter flight preferences, click on “Find Flights”.
  • There are numerous option flexible and low prices available for you to select from
  • Select your flight(s), go ahead to complete your purchase.
  • Now you are good to go

Eligible Delta Airlines Partners

  • Air France
  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Virgin Australia
  • Chinese Eastern
  • Korean Air… etc
  • Jet Airways
  • Mandarin Airlines
  • Middle East Airlines
  • Saudia Airlines

Delta Air Call Center

Call (866) 632-1107 for more information.

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