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Ink Business Cash Credit Card is a premium business credit card strictly designed for business men and women.

This credit card is the second business credit card designed and Issued by chase bank, the first being the Ink plus business card which is no longer in circulation.

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This credit card is considered a premium card due to the fact that card holders gets to earns up to 3 times card points when they book for and go on a travel. There are other available rewards attached to fringe services such as shipping for purchases made.

Services available includes phone and internet services. Card holders are to note that the much talked about 3x earning rate can only be accessed by card holders who spends at least $150,000 within a calendar year.

Ink Business Cash Credit Card Features

Check out these features available to explore by card holders;

  • Card holder who spends an approximate $150,000 a year becomes eligible to earn the 3x points on purchases
  • Every $1 purchases earns the card holder 1 points.
  • Receive card points of 80,000, the only qualified earners are the new card holders who spends at least $5,000 (3 months after getting an account)
  • The annual fee payments for every card holder is $95.
  • Card holders who redeem their points via Chase Ultimate Rewards become eligible to receive $1,000 in travel rewards.
  • Foreign transactions does not attract any rates, fees as well as charges.
  • Receive a 25% discount when you redeem your points for the purpose of travel
  • An 80,000 credit card points earned is worth $1000
  • Points can be transferred, card holders can transfer points if they are regular travelers
  • A list of available avenue to earn rewards is via cash backs, points redemption for travels etc

Card Benefits

  • Card holders receive $600 cover on theft or property lost
  • Add an employee credit card details to your account and become eligible to higher earning and rewards.

Rates And Fees

See rates (annual percentage rates), fees and charges card holders are to pay when they get accepted;

  • Rates charged on purchases is between = 17.99% and 22.99%
  • Cash advance annual percentage rate is = 26.99%
  • Bal transfer on annual percentage rate is = 17.99% to 22.99%
  • Annual subscription is = $95
  • Charges on return check is = $0
  • Fees on late payment and return payment is =$39
  • Transaction fee on bal transfer is $5 or an equivalent of 5%

Eligibility Check

  • Applicants should at least be 18 to be eligible to apply
  • Consult your state law on credit card application before continuing with the application process

Application For Ink Business Cash Credit Card

Follow these steps below to apply online;

  • Type in
  • Fill in your legal business name
  • Business name on your card
  • Enter your business mailing address
  • City and state resident
  • Type of business
  • Business phone number
  • Enter your tax identification number
  • Number of years in business
  • Enter the business annual revenue/sales
  • Complete the personal information
  • Go through the E-sign disclosure
  • Agree to pricing terms and click submit

How To Sign In

Here is how to sign into your Chase account,

  • Type into your browser.
  • Scroll to the sign in section
  • Enter your Username
  • Enter your password
  • You can sign in using the token
  • Or sign in by clicking on the blue bar that has sign In

Need Technical Support?

Call; 1-800-935-9935 to speak with a card assistants agent!!!