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Jeep Credit Card offers a great online payment options, zero annual fee with some great rewards. The Jeep card is a great credit card for motor users.

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With a user friendly interface that you do not need guidance to carryout transactions online.

Jeep Credit Card Reviews

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Making payments especially online has always been a complicated venture; however, what this credit card has achieved is the possibility of making all your online payments using the easy mood available to all card holders.

It gets better with the Jeep Credit Card AutoPay, with the AutoPay tool, a card holder can actually set up a future payment now just like with Walmart payment, all he needs to do is to activate the autopay tool from the online credit card account, fix a date and time for the payment, when the set date comes, payment is made without any further action from the account owner.

The payment system is free, convenient, with an easy to use interface and can be accessed at any time by the card holder. Below are some more features of this credit card;

Jeep Credit Card Features

These features might convince you to apply for this credit card;

  • This credit card features a onetime payment system through the internet (online)
  • The online payment tool can be used by all the account holders and credit card owner
  • The mobile banking tool can be personalized by the account holder, here you can add your credit card as a payment option
  • The paperless statement is also available to card holders who subscribe for it through the online medium
  • Paperless statement ensures that cases of stolen statements are avoided
  • Have a free access to viewing your FICO score as a card holder

Rates And Fees

The most significant of all the rates and fees payable is the annual fee payments by all the card holder, below is the charge;

Eligibility Check

The most important eligibility clearance for almost every credit card is the age or number of years, here is the age clearance for Jeep Credit Card;

  • Age requirement for personal enrollment is 18 years
  • Consult the terms and condition for this credit card to know about business age application requirements.

Jeep Credit Card Enrollment

Enrollment for this credit card can either be for personal or for business enrollment, below are the steps for enrolling into any of the card options;

Personal Enrolment

  • Go the homepage and click on Enroll
  • From the drop menu, click on personal enrollment
  • Enter your account number, select your credit card type, card expiration date, enter the card’s signature panel code, Names as it is on the credit card, date of birth, social security number, email
  • Click continue to move to the next page where you complete the process

Business Enrolment

  • Follow the first two steps above but click on Business enrollment from the drop down menu
  • Enter the company’s administrator’s names
  • Administrator’s residential address and city (zip code)
  • Company’s primary email address
  • Company’s date of birth and Phone number
  • Click next to move to the next page

Other pages to complete include product details, Review information and confirmation.

How To Check Application Status

Personal application status

  • Visit the page Vis
  • On the personal credit card application section
  • Enter your zip code
  • Enter the last four social security number
  • Enter your home phone number and click on submit

Business application status

  • Enter your business zip code
  • Authorized last four social security number
  • Enter your business phone number
  • Click submit

Need Assistance? Contact Jeep Card Technical Support?

Call; 1-888-295-5540 for service inquiries, recovery of stolen credit card etc.

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