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Kiesel Guitars Credit Card can aid you to get a guitar that produces a good melodious tune for your pleasure. The Kiesel Guitars purchase can be simplified using this credit card.

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Kiesel Guitars Credit Card Benefits

The card will finance and connect you to purchasing the best Guitars and basses and guitars accessories that takes the center stage.

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The Kiesel Guitars Credit Card is issued by Synchrony Bank. 

  • Cardholders can use the Kiesel card to make purchases at Kiesel/Carvin custom guitars and bass shops, purchase guitars/bass accessories on at San Diego showroom & with Phone orders. 
  • With Kiesel Credit Card, you get to take advantage of the special 6 months with no interest.
  • Financing offer on purchases of $750 or more if paid within 6 months. 
  • Cardholders get instant Credit Available 
  • Cardholders enjoy low minimum monthly payments 

Kiesel Guitars Card Fees and Rates 

  • Annual Percentage Rate for Purchases –  29.99%
  • APR for Cash Advances – None 
  • APR for Balance transfer – None
  • Interest-free period – 23 days 
  • Minimum Interest Charge –  $2
  • Cash Advances fees – Not Applicable 
  • Foreign Transaction – Not Applicable 
  • Activation – None
  • Late Payment – $38

How To Apply For Kiesel Guitars Credit Card?

  • Visit the official Kiesel Guitar Card application page by clicking here
  • Read the terms and conditions before applying. 
  • Enter the initial Purchase Amount if Known, First Name, MI and Last name, Suffix. Street address, Zip code, City & State, Primary Phone Number, Email Address, Social Security number/ ITIN, Date of Birth, Monthly Net Income from all sources, etc.
  • Scroll down and click on the “Continue” button 

How To Check Kiesel Guitars Credit Card Application Status?

Applicants of Kiesel Guitars CC can check their application status by calling 1- 866-419-4096

How To Activate Kiesel Guitars Card?

You can activate a new Kiesel Guitars Card by calling the designated number at the front of the sticker attached to the credit card received.

How To Log In To Kiesel Guitars Cards?

  • Visit the official Synchrony Bank login page here
  • Click on “Your Account” widget 
  • On the Log In section, enter your User ID and Password 
  • Click on the “ Secure Login” button 

How To Recover User ID and Password?

  • At the “Log In” section of the Synchrony Bank, Click on the “Find User Name” link
  • On the next page, enter the account number, last four digits of SSN and Date of Birth 
  • Click on the, “Continue” button to find your user name and reset your password. 

How To Report a lost Kiesel Guitars Credit Card?

In the event that you lost your Card, there is a great tendency that you can recover your card without been defrauded.

Cardholders who noticed their credit cards are missing or stolen can contact 800-221-5743

How to Cancel Your Kiesel Guitars Credit Card?

If a cardholder desires to close their credit card account, please contact the customer service center on 1-866-419-4096

How To Make Bill Payment With Card?

  • For your bill payment by phone, you can call support on 1-866-893-7864
  • To make your bill payment with a Credit card, cardholders have to log in to their account and make payment at the payment tab. 
  • Cardholders should setup an Autopay, and payment will be duly deducted from your bank account each month on your payment due date. 

Need help? Contact Kiesel Guitars Card Customer Service Center

In the event that you need further assistance or guide, you can contact Kiesel customer service on at 1-866-419-4096.

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