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Kmart Credit Card is issued by CitiBank – offers 5% off procurements, $0 annual fee credit charge, 12 months special financing on Kmart Card.

The Kmart Credit Card can be used at Kmart Stores.

 Kmart Credit Card Reviewed

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Kmart Credit Card has no annual fee charge attached to it, no introductory APR rate charged, on the whole, it has low credit card requirements.

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Below are some of the benefits we were able to review from KMart cards.

  • Card holders gain 5% off on procurements
  • 3% in points on eligible purchases at gas stations and grocery stores & restaurants on the first $10,000 of combined gas, grocery and restaurant purchases
  • 2% in points on eligible purchases at Sears & Kmart
  • 1% in points on all other eligible purchases.
  • This card has no annual fee charge attached to it
  • Offers a 12 months special financing with Kmart Card
  • Charges no overseas transaction fee with Kmart
  • The Kmart Card offers free shipping to any address in the United States.
  • Get to enjoy variety of benefits at the Stores.

Kmart Credit Card Fees /Rates

  • Annual Fee– None required
  • Introductory APR Rate – None charged
  • Normal APR Rate – Varies from 25.49
  • Cash Advance APR Rate – 27.40
  • Cash Advance APR Fee – 5% (min $5)

How to Apply for the Kmart Credit Card

Application Criteria

To apply for and get approved for the Kmart Credit Card, applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Applicant must have a government issued photo ID
  • Must have a valid Social security number
  • Applicant must have a clear credit history

How to Apply

Take these quick steps to apply for your own card.

  • Visit the official application page by clicking here
  • Navigate down and locate the “Apply Now” tab at the right corner of the web page. You will be redirected to CitiBank login page.
  • Go through the terms and details and then check the boxes if you agree to the terms and conditions provided.
  • Finally, tap the “Submit Application” button.

Once Your application is reviewed and approved, a confirmation message. will be sent to you.

Lost or Stolen Kmart Card?

For the sake of writing the perfect review, lets say your Kmart card got stolen or missing.

To recover your Lost or Stolen Card, contact support on 1-800-819-9000

Need Assistance? Contact Customer Service

In case you run into some points that warrants you calling support, you can contact the dedicated Kmart card customer care on 1-800-815-7701

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