Kohls Credit Card Login, Bonus 2020

Kohls Credit Card 2020 is a credit card issued by Capital One Bank, cardholders of Kohl’s Card can be used online or in-store.

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The credit card is for those who frequently shop at Kohl’s store.

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The credit card deals with British & bath, furniture, jewelry and accessories, sports & Fitness, Swim, Shoes, etc.

Kohl’s has numerous promotions to keep customers to keep coming back, such as Kohl’s Cash and Yes2You programs. Cardholders enjoy 25% off their first order and other 15% when your credit card arrives in the mail.

On a search for a credit card that has all the packages as it concerns rewards, benefits, bonuses, convenience in usage and easy access to the credit card account, then your best choice will be Kohl’s Card.

Kohl’s is a departmental store based in America and has one of the biggest chain stores in the country.

The Kohls Credit Cardis a shopping item given to the customers for easy purchasing of items from their chain of stores or through their official website Kohls.com.

The highlight of the available offers includes the benefits as well as the possibilities of saving while making use of your credit card.

Some of the benefits on offer include the exclusive one-year saving potentials, the yearly anniversary gifts, also the available discounts on purchases made with your Kohls Credit Card plus the rewards that go with it.

Kohls Credit Card Featured Details

  • Every cardholder with an account has unlimited access to services like the Kohl’s pay, mobile bills payments, as well as other mobile payment methods
  • Enjoy a possible 35% discount (savings) when you get a Kohls Card and use it to make your purchase.
  • Cardholders are entitled to free monthly shipping
  • Receive a yearly birthday gift as a loyal cardholder.
  • The Kohl’s app-enabled a cardholder to make payments on it easily, and can schedule a payment, cardholders can also check their account balance via the app.
  • $1 used in making a purchase earns the cardholder a point.
  • $5 rewards equal 100 credit card point on Kohl’s
  • The Yes 2 you rewards, promotional gift, etc are limited to each card customer
  • With Kohls Charge, cardholders stand a chance of enjoying a discount of 30%, 20%, 15% on their first purchase with the Kohls Card.
  • The combination of your Kohl’s cash and Kohls charges earns the cardholder discounts
  • 15% discount is on offer once you receive your credit card in the mail.

Kohl’s Credit Card Benefits

  • Kohls charge customers spend $600 per year (January 1st – December 31st), they become more valuable customers.
  • All Kohl’s customers receive additional discounts on our sales prices at least 12 times a year
  • No annual fee is charged
  • Cardholders have access to My Kohl’s charge, which provides access to their account balance, free online payments, and the ability to sign up for Paperless e-statement.
  • Card User received advance notification of Kohl’s sales events by Mail.
  • Cardholders receive a receipt- free returns on any purchases made using the Kohl’s Credit card
  • Most value credit card customer receives at least 6 more offers throughout the year totaling at least 18 offers.

Kohls Credit Card Fees and Rates

  • Annual Percentage Rate for Purchases – 26.49% variable
  • Cash Advances fees – None
  • Interest-free period –  Up to 25 days
  • Minimum Interest – $1
  • Annual Fee – $0
  • Returned Payment Fee – $38
  • Purchases APRs is = 26.99%
  • Late and returned payments are both pegged at $38
  • Prime rate is = 5.25%
  • Prime rate with purchases as determinant = 21.74% (2.25% monthly)

How To Apply For Kohls Credit Card?

  • Visit the official Kohls Card application page by clicking here
  • On the application page supply the following info: First Name, Middle name, and Last name, Suffix, Address 1- Street Address, Address 2 –  Apt, Suite, Unit, building, floor City, State, Zipcode, Home phone, work Phone, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Annual Gross income, Email Address
  • Review all the information
  • Tap on the “Submit Application” button.

How To Activate Kohls Credit Card?

As soon as you receive your new Kohls Credit card contact the following number to activate the credit card. 855-564-5748.

How To Login To Kohl’s Credit Card?

  • Visit the Web page of the Kohl’s homepage credit card
  • Navigate to the right-hand side of the page
  • Click on “Account” widget
  • Enter your Email address and password
  • Tap the “Sign In” button to log in.

How To Recover Kohls Credit Card Username and Password?

  • On the sign-in section of the Kohl’s Credit Card page
  • Scroll down and click the “Forgot password” link.
  • On the pop-up page, reset your password
  • Enter your Email address.
  • Click on the “send” button

Kohls Credit Card FAQ

How to cancel Kohls credit card?

Cardholders who wish to close their Kohls card account can contact the customer service at +1 (800) 564-5740 or log in to your account and click on “Message Center”.

How to check Kohl’s credit card application status?

Customer who newly applied for Kohls credit card and desires to check their credit card application status can call on the Customer service Centre on +1 (800) 564-5740

How to pay Kohls credit card bill online?

To make your bill payment with Kohl’s, sign in to your account with your login details, choose a payment option and make payment.

What bank issues Kohl credit card?

Kohls Cards are issued by Capital One Bank for Kohl’s Corporation. with 1,158 locations across the state.

Can I pay Kohls credit card online?

Visit the login page by clicking here. Login with your details and click on Make Payments to Pay online.

Is Kohl’s credit card easy to get?

Is kohls credit card hard to get? Well, from reports from our users and reviews, Yes, the cards are less stressful to get compared to other cards.

Does Kohls credit card have an annual fee?

This Kohls card does not accrue an annual fee (Annual Fee – $0). Annual Percentage Rate for Purchases is 26.49% variable

What is my Kohls credit card number?

Your Kohls credit card number can be found at the front of your card. This is a 12-digit based number that spread across your card.

Can you use Kohls credit card anywhere?

The Kohls card can only be used in Kohls stores in over a thousand locations across the state and online. This card is an in-store card.

Where can I mail my Kohls credit card payments?

You can mail your payments to Kohl’s, P.O. Box 60043, City of Industry, CA 91716 or Kohl’s, P.O. Box 1456, Charlotte, NC 28201

Where do I find my temporary Kohl’s credit card number?

When you are successfully selected for a Kohl’s card, you are issued a temporary card number pending your physical credit card.

Need Help? Contact Kohl’s Credit Card Customer Service

In the event that you need further assistance with the Kohls credit card, you can contact supports on +1 (800) 564-5740 or Kohl’s, P.O. Box 60043, City of Industry, CA 91716

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