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Mattress Firm Credit Card is for customers in need of a quality online mattress irrespective of your financial budget.

Mattress Firm Credit Card

Mattress Firm Credit Card is been issued by Synchrony Bank and it comes with a lot of offers and special financing.

Below are the outlined benefits accrued to Mattress Firm Credit Cardholders

  • For purchases up to $2,799 will earn you 60 months+ special financing
  • Enjoy daily purchases financing option
  • Cardholders enjoys Access to 24 hours and 7 days a week, user-friendly online account management
  • Enjoy convenient Monthly Payments medium.
  • For your bedding needs, enjoy the use of dedicated credit line
  • Enjoy 0% interest Rate offer

STEP 1: Visit the Mattress Firm Credit Card webpage at

STEP 2: Select the “Apply Now” button

STEP 3: Provide the initial Purchase Amount (if Known)

STEP 4: Enter your Personal Details like; Your First Name, Middle Name, Suffix (optional), Last Name, Date of Birth, Mother’s Maiden Name, Social Security Number/ITIN, Street Address, Apt, How long you have been living at current address, City, State, Zip Code, Housing,

STEP 5: Enter your Primary Phone  with Type, Alternate Phone with type, Email Address, Confirm Email Address and Annual Net Income from all source

STEP 6: Ensure you verify your Personal Details

STEP 7: Tick to add an authorized cardholder

STEP 8: Ensure you read through the Mattress Firm Credit Card Terms and Conditions or consent to Electronic Communications that involve the Rates and Fees

STEP 9: Enter the Application Signature and tap the “agree” button to the Credit Terms

STEP 10: Tap the “Accept & Submit” button

Mattress Firm Credit Card Activation Process

To get your Mattress Firm New Credit Card Activated, call the number at the front of the sticker attached to the credit card delivered to you.

Mattress Firm Credit Card Login Process

  • Visits the Mattress Firm Credit Card webpage at:
  • Tap on the ‘’your Account’’ button
  • Enter your Username and Password.
  • Tap the “Secure Login” button

Mattress Firm Credit Card Username ID And Password Recovery Process

  • Visit the Synchrony Bank “Log In” page
  • Tap on the “ Find User Name” button
  • Provide your Account Number, Date of Birth and your Social Security Number last 4-digits
  • Select the “Continue” button

Mattress Firm Credit Card Customer Service

For further details and inquiries, contact the Mattress Firm Credit Card Customer Service Agent on: 1-866-396-8254

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