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Merrick Bank Credit Card Login and benefits are reviewed here. Merrick credit card offers low rates with some great rewards worth having for cardholders.

Merrick Credit Card Reviews 2020

With the Merrick Bank Credit Card, customers can build or rebuild their credit card and helps them to achieve responsible purchases.

Merrick Visa Platinum Card –

This card comes from Merrick Bank which are major players and issuers of Visa credit cards.

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Types of Merrick Credit Cards

From reviews and research, Merrick Bank offers two different types of visa cards.

Therefore, it is worthy to note that, as at the time of writing this, the card offers by Merrick includes the following:

Meet Merrick Bank Platinum Visa Card

The Merrick Platinum Card is based on Offer from Merrick Bank and as such, you can only apply when you receive the offer.

This card comes with some huge benefits that is only available to those that meet the standards and requirements as stipulated by the bank.

NOTE: Merrick Bank Platinum Visa Card

This Platinum card is not for those who just started building their credit score but for those that already meet a selected guidelines and regulations.

If you receive an offer from Merrick bank, you can respond to that offer for this card by clicking here.

Meet the Merrick Bank Secured Visa Card

Unlike the Merrick Platinum card, the Secured Visa Card is available for anyone who wishes to start building their credit score.

NOTE: Merrick Secured Visa Card

This Secured Visa card is for anyone stepping out to build their credit profile and as such, you don’t need to be profiled before applying.

This card is for you if you want to build or rebuild your credit.

You can manage your card using the Merrick online management tools for free.

This card comes with fraud liability and deposit funds are FDIC Insured!

Merrick Bank Credit Card Benefits

Now you are familiar with the types of card offered by Merrick Bank.

Below are some of the benefits a Merrick Credit Card holder stands to gain for choosing either cards listed above.

NB: You are to contact the designated customer care representatives for the availability and the validity of these offers and rates before applying.


  • Free FICO Score – Customers FICO score updated monthly without any pay once a credit bureau provide it for Merrick Credit Card.
  • Zero Liability – Merrick Bank guarantees their customers of a Zero Liability Policy.
  • GoMobile 24/7 Online Access – Customers can access their accounts online any day of the week through the Merrick Bank goMobile.
  • Easy Payment Options – Merrick Bank Cards provides their customers with a very easy payment options through their online portal, GoMobile and checks.
  • Increase Credit Line – Your Merrick card is always reviewed on a regular basis for increases on your credit line.
  • Paperless Statement – You are provided with a Paperless Statement Option.
  • Financial Tutorials – Merrick Bank Credit Card customer also learns how to manage their financial resources.

Merrick Credit Card Application

Here are few steps to take in applying for either of the Merrick Bank Credit Card.

  • Visits the Merrick Bank Card application page here (Opens in New Tab)
  • Choose the card type you want as per design
  • Fill-in your personal details, financial details and e-sign your form.
  • Read through the summary of your application and go through the designated terms and conditions.
  • Confirm the details you have provided and select the “Submit Application” tab.

How To Activate Merrick Card?

  • Visit the Merrick Card Activation page here
  • Enter the 16-digits card number at the front of your card.
  • Enter your Social Security Number (SSN) last 4 digits.
  • Enter your Date of Birth in the format shown.
  • Select the ‘Submit’ button to activate.

NB: You will be navigated to the Merrick Dashboard in order to complete the Merrick Bank Credit Card activation.

You can now use your Merrick Bank Credit Card to make purchases.

How To Login to Merrick Bank Credit Card Dashboard?

Below is a simple way of logging into your cards dashboard and manage your account, make payments and check your payment activities.

  • Visit the Merrick Bank login page here (Opens in New Tab)
  • Provide your Username and Password
  • Provide your Social Security Number last 4-digits.

Features Of goMobile App

To have control of your account, simply download the updated version of the new goMobile application free of charge, here are some of the reason why you need this app;

  • Have an unlimited monthly access to your FICO score at no cost, all you need to do is to sign up and manage your account (SEE above section).
  • You can enable an easy payment schedule, all you need to do is set it up from the goMobile app, connect your card to your Merrick bank account.
  • Have easy access to your credit card billing monthly statement,, simply set up the function from your account dashboard

How To Download The GoMobile App?

  • Step 1 – Visit the Merrick Bank goMobile online page
  • Step 2 – Navigate to the Cardholder center
  • Step 3 – Enroll for the goMobile service
  • Step 4 – You can now have the goMobile app downloaded into your mobile device

Need Help? Contact Merrick Bank Card Support

For further enquiries and information, please contact the Merrick Bank Card customer service on 1-800-204-5936 or write a mail to Merrick Bank, P.O. Box 660702, Dallas, TX 75266-0702

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