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Military Star Credit Card 2020 is issued by the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES). Here is ho to check your Military Star application status.

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Military Star Credit Card Review

The Military Star Credit Card is exclusively for active military service members and their families and it comes with a lot of rewards, discount and a very low-interest rates.

The Military Credit Card is basically to be used for purchases at various stores like; Marine Corps Exchange (MCX) stores, Navy Exchange (NEX) stores, Post Exchange (PX) stores, Base Exchange (BX) stores, and AAFES-owned stores.

NB: The Military Star Credit cards can also be used to buy items from

Military Star Credit Card Requirement

  • Must be a retired service member
  • Military Spouses and dependents
  • Veterans with exchange access active duty.
  • Must be a Reservist
  • Customers with Exchange shopping privileges.

Outlined below are the benefits of Military Star Credit Card

Benefits of the Military Star Credit Card

  • No annual fee
  • No over-Limit fees
  • You enjoy free standard shipping at any AAFES and Navy online exchanges
  • You enjoy an interest-free military clothing plan.
  • Any money saved from clients fees would be re-invested into the military installation programs and services
  • Every $1 used for purchases on-base gives you 2 points
  • Every 2,000 points gives you a reward of $20 Exchange gift cards.
  • You can spend from your card while you ate deployed but, your payment will no longer be monthly and your interest rate will drop to 6% temporarily.
  • At the military installation gas station, you get 5% per gallon discount.
  • On your new card first day spending, you get 10% discounts
  • Military Star Credit Card also offer food court discount of 10%
  • Irrespective of your credit score, all Military Star Card Holders get low APR
  • You enjoy discounts, sweepstakes 0% interest and lots of other promotions for every expenses you make with your Star Credit Card.

How To Apply for Military Star Credit Card

Follow the following steps in applying for Military Star Credit Card

  • STEP 1: Visit the Military Star Credit Card Homepage on
  • STEP 2: Select the Exchange Credit Program Webpage link
  • STEP 3: Select the ‘Continue’ button
  • STEP 4: Fill- in your First Name, Middle name, Suffix, Social security Number, Date of Birth, Current address (Street Name), Apt/Suite/Room. City, State, Zipcode. How long you have been living at the current address.
  • STEP 5: Select the “Agree” button
  • STEP 6: Select “Continue button”
  • STEP 7: Read through the Terms and Conditions on the next page.
  • STEP 8: Accept the disclosure
  • STEP 9: Select the “Submit” button

How To Activate the Military Star Credit Card?

Before you can access your Military Star Credit Card, you need to get it activated and to do so;

  • Call 1-877-891-7827
  • Provide your credit card number
  • Provide your name as it is on the credit card.

How To Login to the Military Star Credit Card?

  • Visit the homepage of the Military Star Card Exchange Credit Program at
  • Select the “log in” button shown
  • Provide your Username and Password
  • Select the “Login” button

How To Reset your Password?

In case you forgot your password, here is how to reset it

  • Click on the “Forgot password” button that appears by the password box
  • Provide your User ID
  • Provide your Social Security Number Last 4-digits
  • Date of Birth
  • You will a string displayed on the box, enter it.
  • Select the “Validate” button

NB: with these steps, you can set a new password for your credit account.

How to contact Customer care?

For further details and enquiries concerning your Military Star Credit Card, call the Customer Care at 1-877-891-7827  or visit the Exchange Credit Program webpage.