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Northern Tool credit card is issued by Wells Fargo Bank. the Northern Tool card is a credit card that attracts no Annual fee with an APR Rate of 28.99%.

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Northern Tool Credit Card Review

It offers cardholders some decent benefit, which enables them, save a great deal on financing any home or office equipment through the credit card.

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Northern Tool credit card can be used at any of the Northern Tool retail or online locations throughout the nation.

Northern Tool Credit Card Benefits

  • Get 1 reward point, on each dollar spent using the card
  • As you hit 15000 points, you get a northern tool gift card, that can be used for future purchases
  • Cardholders, are offered convenient monthly payment options
  • Northern tool credit card, offers free shipping facility, with the card
  • Offers various gift cards
  • The credit card, offers a secure portal which enables you pay your credit bills

Northern Tool Credit Card Fees/ Rates

  • Annual Fee – None charged
  • APR Rate – 28.99%
  • Cash Advance APR Rate – None charged
  • Late Payment Fee – $38.00
  • Return Payments – $38.00

How to Apply for Northern Tool Credit Card

To apply for, and get approved for Northern Tool credit card, applicants must do the following;

  • Scroll to the secure portal of the Wells Fargo Bank
  • Navigate down, and click on the “Apply for new credit card” tab
  • Northern Tool credit card application PDF will be downloaded.
  • Once this is done, you are to complete the following information; Applicant name, Date of birth, Social security number, Physical address, Address type, City, State, Zip code, Email address, Home phone, Cell phone, Work phone, Net annual income, Employer
  • Next, go through the information, about opening a new account, and sign below the form
  • Lastly, submit the form to a northern tools store, or send it to the following address

Wells Fargo Financial National Bank

PO Box 660431

Dallas, TX 75266-0431

How to Activate Northern Tool Credit Card?

To activate your newly acquired Northern Tool card, call at 1-800-221-0516

How to Login Northern Tool Credit Card?

  • Scroll to the login page of Northern Tool card
  • Supply your correct email address, and your password
  • Click “Sign in”, to login Northern Tool card account

How to Recover Username or Password?

  • Scroll to the “Forgot password” link. This is at the login page of Northern Tool card
  • Type in the required email address information
  • Click “Send Password”, and reset your password, to login your Northern Tool card account

How to Make Bill Payment?

  • Sign into your account
  • Locate the payment tab
  • Select the best payment type, that suits you, to make your bill payment.

You can alternatively mail payments to the following address

Wells Fargo Financial Bank

PO Box 660431

Dallas, TX 75266-0431

Northern Tool Credit Card Customer Service Number

Call: 1-877-805-7744, or alternatively visit the customer service page of your credit card account, to gain access to a customer care agent.

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