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OpenSky credit card review gives an insight into this Capital Bank card. The OpenSky Card will help you on the road to better credit.

OpenSky Credit Card Review

The is a card, that is decked with features, and is also a powerful credit-building tool. 

It requires no credit check for approval.

This implies that you can begin rebuilding your credit right away regardless of how damaged it may have be. 

Your credit is not pulled when you apply, thus there’s no impact on your credit score 

You define your credit limit by your refundable deposit, which is as low as $200 to the tone of $3000; as such, you decide what’s best for you. 

OpenSky Credit Card Benefits 

Below are some of the benefits associated with the Open Sky Card.

  • Use your card to make everyday purchases like gas, groceries or for recurring bills like your phone, without changing your total monthly budget.
  • Make at least your minimum payment on time each month, by setting up an automated email alerts and never miss a payment. 
  • OpenSky Credit Card reports to all three major credit bureaus every month, which quickly helps improve your credit score. 
  • When you make a security deposit, it becomes the foundation of your credit limit, which you can use to help build your credit. 
  • Offers Visa card benefits 
  • Charges a low annual fee 

OpenSky Credit Card Fees/Rates 

  • Annual Percentage Rate for Purchases – 19.64% (Variable) 
  • Cash Advances APR – 19.64% (Variable) 
  • Due Date – 25 days 
  • Minimum Interest Charge –  If charged, not less than $1.00
  • Annual Fee – $35
  • Late Payment Fee – $27
  • Returned Payment Fee – $25

How to Apply for OpenSky Credit Card? 

  • Visit the official application portal here 
  • Enter your Personal information (First name, Last name, Email address.
  • Next, enter your address and contact details (Home address, Zip, City, State, Mailing address, Primary Phone Number, Secondary phone number)
  • Enter your financial and security information (Your annual income, Monthly housing payment, Monthly housing payment type, SSN, Date of birth, etc.)
  • Review the terms and conditions of the card and agree to them 
  • Thereafter, make a security deposit, by filling out the necessary details 
  • Finally tap on the “Submit” link to submit your application for approval. 

How To Check your OpenSky Application Status?

Below are simple ways to check your Open Sky application status.

  • Visit the login page as indicated above and scroll down 
  • Tap on the “Check Application Status” link
  • Complete the blank field with the following details; Email address, Password, Last 4 digits of Social Security number and Date of Birth) 
  • Click on the “Check My Application Status” button

How To Activate OpenSky Credit Card 

  • On the homepage, Navigate to the right hand side of the page 
  • Click on “My Account” widget 
  • On the log in page, click on the “Activate card”  widget. 
  • Enter details required such as; Account Number, First name, middle name, last name, Last 4 digits of Social Security number, expiration date, CVC/CVV Number, Date of Birth, State, Zip code 
  • Click on the “Submit” button. 

How To Login to OpenSky Dashboard? 

  • Scroll to the home page of the OpenSky website 
  • Tap on “My Account” button towards the top of the screen 
  • On the next page tap “Log In”
  • Enter  User Name, enter password 
  • Click on the “Log In” button. 

How To Recover Username and Password? 

  • Scroll to the Login page and enter details required such as; Credit Card Account Number, First name, MI, last name, 
  • Last 4 digits of Social Security number, expiration date (MM/YY) 
  • CVC/CVV Number (the number is found on the back of your card on the signature panel, the last three digits. 
  • Click on the “Next ” button. 

How To Make OpenSky Credit Card Bill Payment 

  • Set up an Autopay, and choose your payment schedule to ensure you payments is received on due date.


OpenSky Card Services

 P. O. Box. 660924

Dallaglio, TX 75266-0924.

Stolen Card Lost or Stolen call – 1-800-859-6412

Need Help? OpenSky Credit Card Customer Service Phone Number

In the event you need more assistance, Call the respective customer service number at 1-800-859-6412