Overstock Credit Card Login 2020 | Payments & Score

Overstock credit card from Comenity Bank offers great rewards with an acceptable credit score of 580. See Overstock Card reviews.

Overstock Credit Card Reviews

We were able to review the Overstock credit card and have come up with the below listed reviews for all intending cardholders.

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Why is this card worth your application?

Well for a start, Overstock Store Credit Card offers 10%-off from your first purchase and its FREE to acquire.

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Benefits of Overstock Credit Card?

One of the first benefits of this card that makes it stand out from other store cards is the fact that, it has:

  • No annual fees during the lifespan of the card
  • No introductory APR rates is even required as well
  • There is a minimal requirement to possess this card
  • It can be used anywhere Visa cards are accepted nationwide.
  • There is also a financial option from Overstock within the spam of 6 months, 12 months, 18 months and 24 months
  • There are unlimited rewards that comes with your shopping experiences as a Overstock credit card holder.

Overstock Store Card Fees/ Rates

Take a closer look at the fees and rates that comes with the overstock card and get familiar with the charges that may ensue from your use of this card.

  • Annual Fee – No annual fees charged
  • Balance Transfer Fee – $10 or 5% whichever is greater
  • Cash Advance APR Rate – 25.49
  • Cash Advance Fee – $15 or 5% whichever is greater
  • Grace Period –23 days grace period
  • Introductory APR Rate – None is required during application.
  • Minimum Interest – $2
  • Penalty Fee for Late / Returned Payment – up to $38

How to Apply for the Overstock Credit Card?

To apply for Overstock card and get speedy approved, you must meet the following demands and requirements.

  • You must be 18 years of age and over.
  • You must possess a valid Social security number
  • You need a residential Address / Physical Address
  • No P.O Box is a substitute for Physical address.
  • Possess a valid National / Government issued Identification.
  • You must be a permanent resident of the United States.

How to Apply?

  • Visit the Official Overstock Credit Card application page by clicking here
  • Click on the APPLY NOW and get redirected to the application page.
  • Type in your details and confirm the same to create your card account.
  • Follow the prompt that appears and confirm your application.

Overstock Credit Card Login

Below, we have highlight some steps to Login to your Overstock Store card dashboard and manage your card and perform other payment needs.

  1. Visit the official Login page located here (Opens in New Tab)
  2. Type in your USERNAME and PASSWORD
  3. Click on the Sign in Button to gain access to your account.

Financing your overstock account Online

There are different ways by which you can finance your Overstock Cards.

This includes getting it done online using the overstock portal or better still, walk up to any overstock store and request details.

You can finance your Overstock account online by visiting the Comenity portal as indicated above and Login.

Once Logged in, locate the ‘Make Payment’ section to fund your account.

You can also finance your account by contacting the designated support and customer care service of Overstock.

This can be done by placing a call through support as indicated in the help desk below.

Need Help? Contact Customer Service

For all assistance and help, you can contact Overstock Credit Card customer service on 1-855-810-2546.