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Post Office Money Credit Card offers the 21st century methods of payments, this includes Payment through the Post Office, this is enabled when your download a barcode.

With Post Office Money Credit Card Login details, it will be possible to post money to your loved ones just the way you post letters just the way you would do with a walmart credit card or shop with a babies r us credit card.

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This is possible because there is a an arrangement CashPay which guarantees that anybody can pay in cash at any Post Office near you, you are eligible to do this with a personal barcode which you are suppose to download.

How To Transfer Money using Post Office Money Credit Card

The process of transferring fund using the Post Office method without having to login is simple, follow these steps and you are good to go;

  • Just download the barcode and
  • Then you can go ahead to print out the bar code
  • Walk into any post office branch with your cash at hand and the already downloaded bar code
  • Now pay in your money (Cash) over the counter.

How To Download Post Office Bar Code

Just like I have said earlier on this post, you need a bar code before you can effectively make any kind of cash transfer, and to get a bar code, you will need to download it first, here are the steps to follow in other to download a bar code;

  • Visit from your mobile phone or laptop
  • Navigate to the area where you have the barcode Post Office Money Credit Card boxes
  • Fill in your details as required and click the button below it
  • Information required are your “Surname” and then your “Your account number”
  • Below you will see the “Download Barcode” button
  • Your Post Office account login details are now ready for use.

Important Note – It is important to know that you cannot pay in cheques using the methods shown above at any Post Office branch near you.

Also have it in mind that money paid into your account using your login details through a Post Office can only be credited into your account within the period of 2 working days.

Before using this method, you are advised to thoroughly go through the terms and conditions as well as consider the charges, fees and rate of using this service.

All that you have read so far are the possibility of you posting money through a post office near me or you as the case maybe, with a very reliable leading high street bank that enables people to make cash transfer as well as cheques transfers using any of the available branches.

With your GIRO at hand, simply go with your cash or cheques to a Barclays branch around you and pay in.

Advantages Of Using This Method Of Payment

One of the numerous advantage of using this Post Office money credit card login details is the exclusion of clear credit history as requirement, most credit card companies with credit cards like Pep Boys Credit Card or even First Savings Bank Credit Card

today usually request for your credit history before you can be admitted, but with the Post Office credit card payment system, even with a Poor Credit history, you still stand a chance of making payments as well as other transaction without hassle.

This service is not discriminatory, as people are not excluded or pre-judged because of their management to personal finances.

By choosing to use the Post Office online banking system, this of cause requires that you must have registered for the post office online banking to be eligible to use.

Interested individuals are not rejected on the basis of their previous financial history. Here are some of the most important advantages when it comes to Post Office money credit card login arrangement;

  • There are no credit checks – In essence you don’t have to an exceptional credit history or a very bad history before your application is accepted.
  • There are no account opening fee charged on new account owners.

With card on ebanking, you are sure to be getting one of the most reliable partner of Post Office Money that provides a hitch free accounting facility that to ensures bills are paid as at when due.

How To Retrieve Post Office Money Credit Card Login Pin

For anyone making use of Post office money Credit Card Abroad, there are tendencies that you may have forgotten your post office credit card pin, don’t panic, you can still retrieve it.

If you are not sure you still know your Credit Card PIN or you know you have forgotten the pin, follow these steps to retrieve PIN;

  • You can first of all log into your online account, this way you can easily get your Pin back, another step is to
  • Call the Customer Services representative and explain to them about your inability to access your PIN, call 0345 607 6500, a reminder will be sent to you
  • There is also an addition information to help you know charges, fee as well as rate that are charged when you use the debit and credit cards abroad.

Charges, Rates And Fees

Before going on to use this Post Office Matched credit card, you should first of all know the cost, in essence know the charges, rates and fees of using this credit card, check them out below;

  • As a cardholder there is a 0% charge on all your purchases made as well as your balance transfers
  • 9% is the Annual Percentage Rate
  • £1,200 is estimated to be the assumed credit limit
  • Card holders are charged 2.89% on their balance transfer
  • For all the purchases made within the first 25 months, nothing is charged (0%)

How To Manage Post Office Money Credit Card

The process of managing a Post Office Money Credit Card account used to be very complicating, but all that is in the past now, with the online servicing available on mobile App, laptop, as well as tablet.

You now have the option of managing your credit and debit card at your convenience time.

How To Apply For Online Service Account

In other to successfully apply and get a favourable outcome, you must follow these steps in order to have an increased odd of approval, the registration steps ia as follows;

  • Visit the Post Office Money Credit Card login Homepage which is,
  • Navigate to the credit card section where you will locate servicing your account option.
  • You will now be required to enter some information, these info are your personal details; Your Full Name (name must be the same way it is on your card) this is to ensure that mistakes are not made at any level of transaction.
  • The next is to create a personal Username and password
  • Then set a security question which will be needed in a situation where you lose your access to your account.

Post Office Call Center

There is an avenue for accessing credit card information as well as getting hold of other enquiries, the customer services are always available to provide assistance on issues like applying for credit card, accessing a Post Office savings.

The customer care agents will help you in providing the best Post Office credit solutions, the customer care team will respond to you.

On how to contact the customer service, do the following;

  • Visit the Post Office United Kingdom homepage
  • Navigate to the credit cards where you will locate the credit card enquiries
  • You will be required to fill up a form with the following information, Title, Your first and last name, Enter your Enquiries, select the best period you would want the customer care agent to call your (Options – Daytime or Evening), enter your phone number (valid phone number), enter a valid email address, this will be used in send you acknowledgement.

In conclusion, access your Post Office money credit card login details, you must follow all the steps as instructed on this post. And make sure you contact a customer care agent to report a problem.