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Scheels Credit Card offers 1500 bonus points with a Scheels credit score ranging of 620-680. Here are more Benefits and points offered.

Scheels Credit Card Review

As we take a look at Scheels card, we would like to point out Burlington card and Cato Card also for your review (Opens in new tab)

Scheels Visa Credit card is currently been offered by First National Bank and from our understanding offers some pretty great rewards and points.

This card has a great reward for doing what you love the most as it offers great rewards for passion for all online purchases.

Scheels Reward Points

Scheels Credit Card reward points includes and not limited to the following.

There are great rewards that this visa credit card comes with that makes it a go-to choice for readers on this platform.

Rewards are based on the Scheels Visa Cards availability and promotions by Scheels.

  • Annual Fee – $0 (As expected)
  • Points outside Scheels – Enjoy 1 Point for $1 that is spent outside Scheels
  • Free Gift Cards –  For every 2,500 points that you gain, you are offered $25 Scheels gift cards – This is offered automatically.
  • Bonus Points – You are ushered in with a 1500 bonus points for the 1st purchase made outside Scheels. This is worth $15
  • Purchases on Scheels – You Enjoy 3 Points for every single dollar spent when you purchase on Scheels

Scheels Benefits

Let’s take a closer look at some of the Scheels Credit Card benefits. These benefits complements the above listed points as well.

They include:

  • Six months 0% APR (You must spend $500 and above)
  • Variable APR after the initial six month is 20.99%
  • You enjoy some great protections against threats such as Theft, Fire hazard, accidental damages, etc at no extra fee!
You are advised not to miss your monthly cycle payments to avoid incurring extra expenses. 
This is not just for Scheels but all other credit cards.

How to Apply for Scheels Visa Card?

Here are some simplified steps by which you can apply for scheels credit card online to enjoy some of the above listed points and rewards.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

You must first register as a member on the platform before you can access the Credit Card Portal.

  1. Opening Portal

    Visit the official Scheels Portal by clicking here

  2. Fill in Information

    Fill in your personal details in the boxes that is shown. These includes names, email address, contact details, etc

  3. Fill Extra Information

    Select the sporting activities you are interested in and check the box as applicable (There is no limit to the activities you can select)

  4. Login to Apply

    After Successful Registration, you can login to your Scheels dashboard to apply and activate your Visa Card.

Scheels Credit Card Login

Now that you have registered for a Scheels account, take a look at how to Login to your dashboard.

  • Visit the online login Page here
  • Type in your USER ID and click ‘Enroll’ or ‘Sign in’ as applicable on the page
  • Click the applicable tab to either Login or Enroll for Scheels Visa credit card.

How to Activate your Scheels Cards?

Your card activation has also been statistically listed below is some simple steps.

  • Visit the official First Bank Card page here
  • Once on the above link, type in your details (User ID)
  • Click the Submit button to Activate your account.

Scheels credit card payment

Here is how to make your Scheels credit card payments stress free without incurring any extra fees and charges.

  • Visit the official Scheels Card Payment portal here
  • Once on the above link, login with your User ID to make payments on the go.
  • Navigate to the payment section, type in the amount you are paying and submit.

Scheels Credit Card App

The Scheels card has an app that can be used to manage your transaction and monitor your financial profile on the go.

This makes it quite easy to better understand your financial score, trending guide on how to better manage your card and real-time statements.

The Scheels App is supported on two popular platforms namely:

  • Apple Store – You can download the Scheels App on Itunes here.
  • Android Play Store – You can download the Scheels Visa App on Google Play store by clicking here.

Need Help? Contact Scheels Customer Service

You can contact Scheels credit card customer service phone number on 1-888-295-5540 for further details about this Visa card or further inquiries as may be needed.