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Sears Credit card is a product of SEARS Holdings Corp. It is a merchandise retailers card with a credit score of 650. See Sears Card Application details and Reviews.

Sears Credit Card Review 2020

Sears credit card is issued by Citibank from Citigroup Inc. Sears MasterCard is generally Accepted across the nation and their sister corporations.

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Shoppers who made frequent large purchases benefit the most from this credit card. Cardholders earns 5% off on large purchases as no interest is charged.

Sears Credit Card Benefits 2020

Below, we have outlined some of the benefits of the Sears Card for all interested individuals.

  • Online access with 0% liability on unauthorized purchase
  • Advanced notification on any sales events with Special Financing
  • Exclusive Savings with Account Protection
  • Easy card Management with No annual fee charge
  • Insurance on Rental Cars and Discount or Gift cards on some purchases
  • Air Travel Miles
  • Cash Back on Payment and Cash back on purchase.

SEARS Credit Card Fees And Rates 2020

Below are the compilation of the fees and rates this card accrues and disburses.

  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Purchases – 26.99%
  • APR for Cash Advances – 28.90%
  • Paying interest – 25 days after the close of each billing cycle.
  • Minimum Interest Charges –  charge interest not less than $2.00
  • Cash Advance – Either $5 or 5% of the amount of cash advance, whichever is greater.
  • Penalty Fees – Late Payment up to $38.

How to Apply For Sears Credit Card?

Take a look at how to apply for the Sears Credit Card using any browser of your choice.

  • Visit the official website of Citibank here.
  • Click on Apply on Sears credit card.
  • On the application page, filled in the displayed form.
  • FInn in your First name, middle name, last name, Email address, Home address, Primary Phone number, Financial Information, monthly Mortgage/Rent payment.
  • Other information that might be required includes Residence status, Total Annual Net, income, Social Security number and Date of birth
  • Read the terms and conditions and agree on the terms and conditions listed.
  • Click on Submit Application box

How To Activate Sears Card 2020?

Below are the steps to activate your Sears Card.

  • Go to the official webpage as indicated above.
  • Click on the register box on the left hand side of the page.
  • Complete the information needed from the Sears Card to verify your as the cardholders to be able to access all the information concerning your card. Social security Number, Sears card account number, last 4 digits to verify your identity, card security code, Email address and your billing Zip code
  • Click on the continue button and verify your details and submit.

How To Login To Your Sears Credits Card?

Below are steps to login to your Sears Card dashboard.

  • Go to the Web page of Sears CC here
  • On the left hand of the page, Click on sign in
  • Fill the displayed form (Username and Password)
  • Click on sign in to log in.

How To Recover your Username ID And Password?

  • On the Web page indicated above, Click on the sign on page.
  • Scroll down and click on the retrieve User ID
  • On the next page complete the info required (Card number, name as appear on the credit card, security code and last 4 digits of the cardholder)
  • Click on verify to retrieve the user ID and to reset password.

How to Make Payment for Sears Credit Card 2020?

You can process your payments online by logging through your online platform or via check addressed to CitiBank.

Online Payment Gateway

  • Visit the Login Page as indicated above
  • Once logged in, locate the Payment section to process a payment
  • Select amount and type in your payment details.
  • You can print out your payment confirmation by clicking PRINT.

Call Payment Gateway

You can also get prompt details about your Payment for Sears Credit Card by calling the designated support numbers listed below.

Sears FAQ & Answers 2020

What is Sears Card Grace Period?

Your Sear card grace period is at least 25 days after which you start incurring extra charges when payments are not made.

How to Avoid extra charges on Sears Card?

Just pay ontime before your grace period elapses.

How to make Sears Card Payments?

You can call the designated customer care service numbers on 1-800-815-7701 (USA) and 1-800-437-3277 (Outside USA) or Login to your CitiBank Dashboard to process payments.

What is Sears Credit Card credit score?

With a FICO score of 650, you are eligible to apply for this card.

Need Further Assistance? Contact Sears Card Customer Care

For all customer care assistances, you can contact the Sears Credit Card Customer Service Numbers on 1-800-815-7701 (USA) and 1-800-437-3277 (Outside USA)

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