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Shell-Citi Credit Card offers high rewards, rebates, bonus, extra card points as well as other fringe card benefits. 

This Citibank card was designed in conjunction with Shell card although rewards obtain on this credit card differs.

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The rebate goes up to as high as 8% discount on purchases made using the credit card at any of the Shell gas Stations across the United State of America.

Note that the 8% rebate is not restricted to a particular period, as long as you keep patronizing any shell fuel station around you every day, you are entitled to the 8% discount. Other offers on Shell-Citi Credit Card is the complementary three years annual card subscription.

Then there is the interest free period for card member without outstanding fee or charges or card members who did not exceed their limit.

What Do I Gain By Using Shell-Citi Credit Card?

Enroll for this credit card, and you become eligible to participate and enjoy all the available benefits, rebates and promos;

  • Shell-Citi Gold Card offers savings and rebates potentials like buy more and earn more or discounts on purchases made
  • Card holders are eligible to get an 8% rebates from ever fuel purchased at Shell stations.
  • The annual subscription is on a complementary level
  • Enjoy up to 50% off at over 20,000 location, this also covers for travel, shopping etc.
  • Enjoy card holder’s health privileges, which come as a specially designed health care service
  • Enjoy 15% to 20% discounts in Health care payment (check terms and conditions for more)
  • Manage your online account, for payments, setting up future payments etc

Card Costs And Fees

Check terms and conditions for pricing and transaction both online and offline, here are few rates and charges;

  • Purchases rate for Shell-Citi Gold Visa Card is = 15% annual percentage rate
  • Cash advanced rate is = 5% (alternative of 18% per annum)
  • Interest free period last for only 20 days (consult terms and conditions)
  • There is an applicable government tax (check terms and condition)
  • Annual subscription is = RM195 and RM100 for principal and supplementary respectively

Shell-Citi Card Eligibility Check

See criteria list before going ahead with your application;

  • Acceptable application age is 18 years and 21 years for supplementary and principal application respectively.
  • Annual income of RM24,000 is the minimum accepted

How Do I Apply?

For new customers

  • Step 1 – Visit the application page and click on Apply now
  • Step 2 – Tick the box that indicates new customer
  • Step 3 – Fill in your information and then confirm at the last application stage

For Existing Customer

  • Step 1 – Visit the application page and click Apply Now
  • Step 2 – Tick the small box that indicates “an existing Citi credit Card holder”
  • Step 3 – Enter the last four number on your citi credit card
  • Step 4 – Enter your phone number and click on continue

For Technical Support

In need of technical support? Then call; 10-1808-32000135