Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Card 2020 Review | Credit Card Villa

Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Card comes as one of the credit cards that offers holders large rewards, from rebates, to bonuses and card points.

Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Card

This credit card is designed as a travel rewards credit card, there are others however, the idea of having some many of these credit card to make a choice from is to have the best deals. Before applying, consider the available options, the offers on the table and compare the deals amongst the credit card.

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Needs and desire for a credit card is peculiar with the individual applying, hence carefully examine the offer on Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Card and see if it suit your credit card needs.

Things to always consider before applying for a credit card is the pros and cons. Then also check out the available bonus on offer, the rewards percentages, rates charged as well as fees to be paid.

This review exposes the reader on the best available card with the best perks, travel rewards, the earning potentials etc

Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Card Features

You may want to see these features before going ahead to apply;

  • The credit card has a one-time limited offer
  • Every card holder is eligible to receive exclusive travel rewards when card is used to book for travels
  • While outside the United States, transaction will not attract any fee (including outstanding fees)
  • Enjoy the available companion pass as well as the 30,000 card points
  • Card holders are only eligible to earn 30,000 card points when they spend an approximate $4,000 within the first 90 days they opened their account
  • Points earned as a result of credit card activities does not expire
  • Your companion pass ensures anyone flying with you flies for free (See Pricing and terms)

Rates (APRs) And Fees Charged

Before enrolling, ensure you take a second look at the rates charged for this credit card;

  • Annual yearly subscription for card members is = $149
  • Annual percentage rates for every purchases made is = 24.99% (V)
  • Penalty in defaulting on late and returned payment is $38
  • The prime time rate for this credit card is = 5.25%

Note – All the rates (annual percentage rates) ,fees as well as other charges are subject to change at anytime, simply consult the credit card pricing terms on a regular basis to stay updated.

Eligibility Check For Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Card

  • Applicant who is married can apply for two independent accounts
  • Ensure you have a legal document confirming your age to be at least 18 years.

Applying For Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Card

See steps below;

  • Step 1 – Go to the application page
  • Step 2 – Enter the your government recognized name, mother’s maiden name
  • Step 3 – Mail addresses, emails address, social security number, Phone number
  • Step 4 – Type of resident
  • Step 5 – Annual income and alternative income source
  • Step 6 – See the authorized user option
  • Step 7 – Carefully read through the pricing and terms (E-sign disclosure)
  • Step 8 – Confirm your certification and
  • Step 9 – Click the small box in agreement with the pricing and terms conditions
  • Step 10 – Click Submit

Need Technical Support?

Call; 1-800-I-FLY-SWA to request for confirmation number, application number and other technical support.