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Staples More Credit Card Account and Login have been explained here. Here is how to apply for Staples Credit Card.

Staples More Credit Card Reviews

Staples More credit card is issued by Citi Bank.

Staples Credit card offers cardholders lots of rewards and discounts on every purchase made through the card.

The Staples More Credit Card is designed for customers who frequently shop at Staples stores.

It is an in-store card that allows users earn wide range of incentives and rewards at Staple stores or online.

Staples More Credit Card Benefits

Below are some of the rewards that is associated to your Staples credit card.

  • Cardholders get a 5% reward on purchases in Staples.
  • The staples card offers cardholders a free shipping on all orders over $14.99.

Staples More Credit Card Fees and Rates

Below, we have outlined fees and rates that the users of staples credit card need to get familiar with.

  • Annual Fee – None Charged
  • Late Payment Fee – Up to $37
  • Minimum Interest Charge – $2
  • Grace period – 25 days
  • Purchase APR Rate – 0% for 6-18 months, thereafter 29.74% ( Variable)
  • Balance Transfers – Not Allowed
  • Maximum Penalty APR – None
  • Foreign Transaction Fee – $0
  • Cash Advances – Not Allowed
  • Returned Payment Fee – Up to $37

How to Apply for Staples More Credit Card

To apply for Staples More Credit Card, please follow the below listed guide.

  • Visit the staples credit card page through citigroup secure homepage.
  • Fill in your details. These includes First name, Middle Initial (Optional), Last name, Email address, etc.
  • Go through their account terms and details.
  • Once you are done reading through the the account terms and details, you are to agree to the the account terms.
  • Hit the submit button to file your application for approval.

How to Activate Staples Credit Card

To activate your newly acquired staples credit card, you will be required to visit the portal as indicated above and do the following:

  • Key in your card number
  • Key in your name as it appears on card
  • Next you are to key in your security code
  • Key in the Last 4 digits of the primary cardholder’s SSN.
  • Tap on the “Verify” button.

How to Login to Staples More Credit Card Online?

Visit the official Staples webpage as indicated above.

  • Scroll to the login page of Staples CC
  • Key in your username and password
  • Lastly tap on the “Sign On” button, to login.

How to Make Staples More Credit Card Bill Payment?

You can mail your bill payment to the following address;

Staples Credit Card Payments
P.O. Box 78014
Phoenix, AZ 85062-8014

How to Recover Username or Password?

  • Scroll to the login page of Staples CC
  • Key in the following information (Card number, Name as it appears on card
    Security code and Last 4 digits of primary card holder’s SSN)

Need Assistance? Contact Customer Service

Need further assistance with your Staples credit cards, you can contact their designated customer care using the below listed means:

  • Customer Care (Technical Assistance) 1-800-733-2713
  • For the Hearing Impaired TDD/TTY – 1-888-944-2227
  • Outside the U.S. Canada and Puerto Rico – 1-423-477-6512

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