Susan G. Komen Credit Card 2020 Signup and Bonus

Susan G. Komen Credit Card is issued by Bank of America and it is a great cash back credit card designed for individuals who spend a lot on gas a d groceries purchases.

Susan G. Komen Credit Card Details

Susan G. Komen Credit Card is very rewarding card especially when you pay for your purchases at the pump.

Outlined below are the benefits of Susan G. Komen Credit Card

  • Earn 3% cash back on gas and also 2% cash back on groceries when you make joint purchases worth $2,500 first each quarter.
  • Earn 0% APR for the first 12 billing cycles and for transfer made within the first 60 days of account opening.
  • Earn $150 within 90 days of opening account when you make a minimum $500 purchases.

You need to apply for Susan G. Komen Credit Card to enjoy these benefits.

How To Apply for Susan G. Komen Credit Card?

STEP 1: Visit Susan G. Komen Credit Card webpage at

STEP 2: Select the “Apply Now” button

STEP 3: Provide your First Name, Middle Name, Last Name and Current Residential Address.

NB: Click on the box written “Send my statement to a different address” if your current address is different from your current Residential Address

STEP 4: Provide your Primary Phone Number, Email Address, Country of Residence

STEP 5: Provide your Date of Birth, Employment Status, Total Annual Income, Source of Income and amount of liquid assets owned by you.

STEP 6: Provide your Monthly Housing Payment and ensure you provide answer to the citizenship questions

STEP 7: You can add an authorised User to your credit account by clicking on the right button.

STEP 8: Ensure you read through the Terms and Conditions

STEP 9: Select the “Continue” button to finish up your application process

You will have to Activate Susan G. Komen Credit Card through the following process

How To Activate Susan G. Komen Credit Card?

  • Visit the webpage
  • Select the “Security Activities” button
  • Select the “Safe Login” button
  • Enter your card number (or your Account Number) and your Tax ID (or Social Security Number)
  • Create an ID and password and the pre-configured security of your card.
  • Once you are done with the last step, your card will be activated.

How To Login?

  • Visit the Bank of America webpage
  • Click on the “Login” area
  • Enter your ID and password
  • Select the “Login” button and you can access your account

How To Recover your Forgotten Password or Username?

  • Select the Forgot Username and Password
  • Enter your Account or Card number, tax ID or Social Security Number, Password or Username
  • Select the “Continue” button to recover your Username or password

Need Help? Contact Customer Service

Contact Susan G. Komen Credit Card Customer Service at: 1,800,732,9194.

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