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Toys R Us Credit Card login and latest review from Synchrony Bank. See Toys R Us Card benefits and credit score of 620 to 720.

Toys R Us Card Review

The Toy R Us is a clothing line that is own by Tru Kids, Inc, located in New Jersey, USA.

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They are into different consumer goods and services ranging from clothes, baby wears, toys, gifts, games and a wide range of products.

Therefore, it is worthy to note the importance of having the Toys R Us credit Card once available. You will also be shown how to apply for Toys R us credit card online.

According to reviews filed in, the Toy R us credit card online payment offers numerous benefits to cardholders.

You can use this card at the Toys R Us Stores with zero to minimal requirements.

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Toys R Us Credit Card Benefits

Below, we have highlighted some of the benefits that the Toys R Us card offers to cardholders.

Please endeavor to contact the Toys R US credit card customer service phone number at the end of this post for the validity of these benefits and better deals.

  • Using the card entitles you to 1 point per $4 when used.
  • $5 Reward Dollars is disbursed when you earn 125 points.
  • You receive some special signup offers that gets up to 15% purchases
  • Account opening rewards are also inclusive (Contact support for details)

Toys R US Card Fees / Rates

  • Annual Fee – From our findings, None required
  • Cash Advance APR Rate – This is pegged at 26.99
  • There is a foreign transaction fee of 3%
  • You enjoy a grace period of 23 days upon defaulting.
  • Your Introductory APR Rate is 0% for the first 6 months of account opening.
  • The Toys R US card attracts a late payment fee of $37 which might be high and worthy of avoiding.
  • There is an APR Rate of 26.99

Requirements for the Toys R US Card

To apply for Toys R US credit card and have your application approved; we have highlighted some requirements for applicants.

  • Age – Applicant must be at least 18 years of age as at the time of applying for this card.
  • Record – The applicant must have a clear criminal record and no ongoing issue with the authorities.
  • Credit Record – All applicants must have a credit history which is supposedly free of bankruptcy
  • SSN – All applicants must possess a valid Social security number

How to Apply for Toys R US Credit Card?

  • Visit the official portal here (LINK REMOVED)
  • Scroll down to the REGISTER section and click the link. This will redirect you to the Synchrony Card application page.
  • Fill in all relevant information asked to the best of your knowledge and proceed.
  • Add your personal details which includes Name, Address, City, State, Zip code, Email address, Annual net income, Residential address, etc
  • Review your application and accept Toys R US Terms and Conditions as displayed by clicking “Accept”
  • Submit your application.

Toys R Us Credit Card Login (STEPS)

Below are some guide on how to Login to your Toy R Us credit card and manage your finances on the go.

  1. Visit the official Synchrony Login page by clicking here
  2. Once on the page, type in your username and password as indicated on the page.
  3. Click on the LOGIN tab to gain access to your Toys R Us dashboard on Synchrony Bank.

We’ve been told that the Toy’s R US stores will be closed and as such, all their cards will be converted by Synchrony Bank – More details as they unveil.

Toys R Us Bankruptcy – What it means

Just like the above listed notice, reports reaching us that Toys R Us is Bankrupt and as such, all their stores across the states will be closed!.

What does this means for your card you might ask?

  1. Validity – Your card will still be valid all through this liquidation session which will give you enough grace for alternatives.
  2. Transfer of Cards – Your Toys R Us credit card will be transferred.
  3. Payments of Charges – You will be required to pay off any charges on the card during this period to avoid extra charges as it is Toys R US that is going into Liquidation and not Synchrony Bank.
  4. Rewards – No more rewards and cash backs as the company and its cards will be liquidated to pay off debts.
  5. No Registration for New Applicants – If you are just hearing about Toys R US credit card and wants to apply, there won’t be a need for that as you can’t apply!

Need Further Assistance? Contact Support

In the event that you need further assistance as pertain your application and Toys R Us card, contact support on 1-855-389-2365.

Toys R US credit card Alternatives

So, Toys R Us are going into Liquidation, take a look at two cards we have selected below that might perfectly substitute Toys RUS.

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