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TSB Student Account is one current account that every student resident in the United Kingdom should have, at least to enjoy TSB incentives that comes with it.

TSB Student Account

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The most attractive part is that the account is a current account, as such, account holders get to earn the rewards attached to current account holders.

The Tsb Student Account offers the maximum benefits attached to any conventional current account.

Student who are new to college enjoys digs as well as other fun school time; deserve to get a Tsb Student Account, with it, life as a student becomes more eventful.

This account offers 5% as well as an annual equivalent rate of 4.89% on interest for balance that is to the tune of £500. The annual equivalent rate enable that account holder to easily know your savings.

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Tsb Student Bank Account Benefits

  • The account was design to enable the student have an easy life in the university or college.
  • This account was specifically designed for college and university students
  • An individual with a student credit card can easy spread payment of their school books as well as other school utensils using their Tsb Student Account
  • Account holders can easily effect payments through either Apple pay or Google pay app, in essence account can be self managed.
  • Account holders are eligible to earn a 5% annual equivalent rate on balances
  • Also gross variable interest can be 4.89% for balance at the tune of £500
  • 0% is charged on Overdraft (check terms and conditions)

TSB Student Overdraft

  • Student current account charge on overdraft for cash withdrawal between £0 – £1,510 is 0% both monthly and annually
  • Current account charges on overdraft withdrawals to the tune of £1,510 and above attracts 0.66 monthly and an equivalent annual rate of 8.21

Application Criteria

Understand that overdraft facility is available to current account holder based on the term of agreement and terms attached to lending the fund;

  • Applicants should be 17 or above to be qualified to apply for the TSB Student Bank Account
  • Three years record of United Kingdom residency
  • Should be a full time student with at least one to two years period to the time of graduation.
  • There is an opportunity for students who have not lived in the United Kingdom for three years.

Things You Need to Apply Online

Here are some of the information you need to process your application;

  • Your Name (legally registered name)
  • Address (home and office address)
  • Course of study
  • Year of study
  • Year of graduation
  • Date of birth

How To Apply Online

We have two types of application, they are online application and physical application,

  • Online Application – visit the online application page and provide the above listed documents, submit after filling the form.
  • Physical Application – Visit any Tsb local branch around you, and go with the documents listed above.

Need Assistance? Contact Technical Support

In the event that you need further assistance about the TSB student account, you can call support on 03459 758 758

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