Venus Credit Card 2020 Application Reviews | Signup

Venus Credit Card is issued by Comenity Bank with a credit score of 550-850 and it is exclusively for individuals who are fashion conscious. Here is a Review of the Venus Card.

Venus Credit Card Review

Venus Credit Card holders enjoys outstanding discounts and promotions. Venus Card comes with no annual fee, it is specially designed for loyal customers as you get to enjoy diverse promotions based on your choice.

There are quite some positive reviews about this card from our research online. However, we will let you decide if this card is really for you.

The credit score is good and their terms are also favorable. Below are the benefits accrued to Venus Credit Cardholders

Venus Credit Card Benefit

Venus credit card score is between 550 – 850 and does not attract an annual fee. Below are more insight on what to expect when you apply for the Venus Card.

  • Annual fee – $0 (This Card accrues no annual fee)
  • Reward – Cardholders enjoy $15 off upon activation, also, every $100 purchases with the Venus Credit Card attracts a $5 reward.
  • Minimum Purchase – NA (Minimum purchase on products is not applicable)
  • Accessibility – Mobile pay access available
  • Special Offers – As a Venus Cardholders, you get access to special offers, events and frequent promotions.
  • Online Access – Comes with a personalized online account management system
  • Birthday Gift Cert – Venus Card offers $15 birthday gift certificate to customers on their birthday.

Venus Credit Card Application Guide

Below are some simplified steps we have collate to apply for the Venus Card on Comenity Bank.

  • Visit the official Venus credit card application page by clicking here
  • Once on the page, click on the ‘Create an Account’ tab (This will take you to the Sign Up form)
  • Type in your details as requested. these includes and not limited to your name, address, Zip code, email address, SSN, Net Income among other details and click continue
  • Follow any other prompt required and complete your application.

How to Activate your Venus Credit Cards?

Before you start using your Venus Card, you need to activate it. Below are some few steps to register your card for instant access.

  • Visit the official Venus activation page by clicking here
  • On the page, type in your details (Card Number, Zip, Means of Identification and SSN details)
  • Click on ‘Find my Account’ to activate.

Venus Credit Card Login Guide

Below, you can use this guide to Login to your Venus dashboard and better manage your account, pay bills, update details and view statement.

This step continues from the registration guide listed above

  1. Visit the Venus Card Management homepage
  2. Type in your Login details (Username and Password)
  3. Click Sign in to gain access

How to Recover ID and Password?

For reasons best known to you, you can recover your Venus User ID and Password. This could come handy when you forget your login details or other circumstances best known to you.

  • Visit the Reset Username and Password section by clicking here
  • Fill in the instruction on the page. These include Account Number / User Name, ZIP, Means of Identification and SSN details.
  • Click on ‘Find my Account’ and follow the prompt displayed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for Venus credit card approval?

This could take between 5 – 7 working days, depending on your credit score.

What is Venus Card Credit score range?

From our findings, you need a credit score range between 550 – 850.

Do i get any Bonus when i sign up for a Venus Card?

Yes, you are entitled to a credit bonus worth $15 when you register for Venus card.

Need Help? Contact Venus Customer Service Number

In the event that you need further assistance as relates bill payments, trending promotions or to follow up on your application status, you can contact support on 1-855-839-2900

Understanding How Comenity Bank Card Works

This Venus Card Article is for Financial Education Purposes only and does not substitute Qualified Professional Advice. Contact Venus Customer Service Number associated with this credit card for advanced counsel.