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Virgin Money Credit Card is the same as Virgin Atlantic money credit card which offers benefits as well ensures holders carryout  transaction of all sorts and it is powered by the Virgin Group.  

Virgin Money

Virgin money has for some time now been in Operation mainly in countries like Australia, United Kingdom, United State of America as well as South Africa.

Virgin Money since its inception has operated as a financial institution which provide financial services provider to customers.

The latest in their tangible financial service provision is the Virgin Money Credit Card Login account which is supported by the Virgin Group.

At the beginning when the credit instrument was launched, the credit cards dominated the Australian market for a while making a huge impact, hence the after thought of expanding to the aforementioned countries above.

A customer in possession of his Virgin Money Credit Card Login credentials will always have little to do when it comes to travelling through the air.

In fact this credit card was designed to aid Frequent Flyers as it will suit their regular travel schedule.

With Virgin Money credit cards, customers get to enjoy some high level of competitive rates which can either accommodate your desire for a simple Low Interest or a more comfortable application process, with all the rewards attached to this credit card there are No Annual Fee to be paid for using this credit card.

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Brief History Of Virgin Money Group

Virgin Money group is known to be amongst the largest airline firm in the world today, established in the United Kingdom, the business firm has continue to grow with a tremendous rate.

Due to the rate at which the firm was gaining prominence, they decided to expand in to credit cards, this hardware device now known as Virgin Money Credit Card was designed to aid customers travel to their destination without having to go through all the hassle of booking flight ticket.

So long the customer has his or Virgin Money Credit Card Login credentials.

The credit card program was meant to target those frequent flyer, As they are to earn rewards for their patronage.

Virgin Money has its corporate headquarters in the United Kingdom. The Virgin Money brand is a subsidiary of Virgin Air, both are different wings of Virgin Group.

Virgin Money was actually established to provide customers banking services as would a bank. Bank services such as savings accounts, car insurance program or even superannuation.

With Virgin Flyer card, customers have the option of a balance transfer with a low rate charged, meanwhile the Velocity rewards on this credit card are made available via Virgin Money suite.

Citi Group and Virgin Money are in some kind of banking relationship or say agreement, this explains the reason why a Virgin Money customer has the option of transferring his personal loan balance to his Virgin Money credit card.

According to the Founder and face of the group, Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Money will in no distant time converted into a bank operating in the United Kingdom.

UK bank Northern Rock and Virgin money agreed to merge in 2009, this move also encouraged the purchases of Church House Trust in 2010, all these are geared towards the aim of the firm to become a bank.

How To Register For Virgin Money Credit Card Login Credentials

As a customer whose Virgin Money Credit Card Login credentials are intact, has all the access to products and services made available by the credit card.

However, one should understand that the process of online Card Services registrations has a few simple steps that must be followed; information such as Personal Information, your account details, credit card number etc will be required for your registration.

After a successful registration, you can go ahead and use the online Card services with your Virgin Money Credit Card Login details.

Manage and track the activities in your account using any platform, from Smartphone, tablets or desktop.

For mobile services, customers are advised to go through the terms and conditions as they apply.

Now, to successfully register your on this platform, follow these steps;

  • Visit the Virgin Money Homepage, navigate and click on “My Virgin Money Credit Card page” to commence your register for online service.
  • Personal details such as Your Official Name, Virgin money credit card login number, registration code and Mobile Phone Number (for security).
  • If your registration code is no longer available, quickly request for a new one by clicking ‘I do not have my Registration Code’.

Haven provided all the above information for your registration, you are now eligible to have a view of your account activities onlin.

You can also make payment using your credit card, you can access your statements, you also make balance transfers to the tone your want, only restricted by the limit, make money transfer to a bank account.

How To Sign In On Virgin Money

The Virgin Atlantic credit card login credentials can only be used on the virgin platform, with the assumption that you have registered for an online account.

No need to contact Virgin Money for assistance, simply use your Virgin Money Credit Card Login credentials and sign in, these are a few steps you need to follow to sign in;

  • Go to the My Virgin Money Credit Card page and click on the “Sign in” button
  • Input your online service customer ID and then click on “Sign in” button
  • Special random characters that are your password and pass code will be required, enter the valid characters as requested carefully as each one character is to be entered into each field. character.
  • You can now sign in, after signing in, you can now carry out your transactions through your credit card account. Always sign out after using your account.

How To Retrieve Virgin Money Credit Card Login Password And Passcode

Here are he steps to follow If you’ve  misplaced or forgotten your password or passcode;

  • From the Virgin Money page, navigate to the “reset online Link” and click as it will lead you to a new page where the following information will be required;
  • Your valid Virgin Money Credit Card 16 digit number
  • Your Mother’s maiden name, the one used for registration
  • Your Date of birth, the one used for your registration
  • A valid phone number (Mobile).

How To Make Payment With Debit Card

To make quick payments using your debit card, simply follow these steps;

  • From your Online Service account, navigate to and “Payment” and click on the link
  • Form the nest page that loads, locate “Pay by Debit Card” link and click on it
  • Click “Add a new debit card” to add the debit card you want to use for payment
  • Go ahead and Add the debit card number and name to your online service account, click on ‘Submit’ to continue.
  • Select the payment minimum which has an option between (last balance statement and other amount).
  • Carefully cross check the details you have provided, if they are correct, click on “Submit”.
  • You can now click on “Make payment” after choosing the amount you want to pay, follow instruction and confirm.

How To Transfer Money With Virgin Money Credit Card

For a quick fund transfer, follow these steps;

  • Login into your Online Service platform either from your laptop or through the Virgin money app iPhone.
  • From the option on your account summary information, select the link you want, however, in a situation where your account summary page doesn’t have any option, navigate to ‘Services’ which can be accessed from the main menu, select the option “Transfer money to bank account”.
  • Carefully go through the page and select the money transfer offer option of your preference.
  • Enter the valid and correct details and cross check before you enter to continue.
  • Submit after vetting the information provided.
  • A security access code will be sent to your mobile phone, enter the code appropriately. Code expires after five minutes.
  • An email confirmation will be sent to your to let you know that your transfer request has been granted.

How To View Virgin Money Credit Card Statement

To successfully obtained your account statements, simply follow these steps to download your account statement;

  • From the Dashboard navigate to “Statements” and click on it.
  • Choose the PDF file you want to get information from
  • And there you have it

How To Access Virgin Money Credit Card Login PIN

These are the steps to follow in order to view your PIN via your service online;

  • Visit the Online Service page and navigate and click on “Services”.
  • Next is to chose “View PIN”.
  • A 6-digit code will be sent to your mobile phone, the one used in registration. NOTE – Access code expires after five minutes.
  • Click on submit after you must have entered the access code’.

Virgin Money Credit Cards Customer Care Unit

For issues on Virgin credit card cancellation, virgin credit card activation, application enquiry, you can always contact, the Virgin money credit card. Call customer service agents for complaints Virgin money services you receive.

Here are the Hotlines for Virgin Money

  • 0800 011 3210
  • 0800 633 5045
  • +44 191 284 9005
  • 0800 389 2875